Regal Leader

Volume 68 - December 10, 2018

The Week Ahead

Have a great week!


Tuesday: 5-6 Band/Vocal Concert @ 6:30

Wednesday: Prayer service @ 8:30, Finance Comm. @ 4:30

Thursday: Prayer Service (English Dept.) @ 2:30


Saturday: Regina Wrestling Invitational @ 9:00


Morning Prayer This Week

12/10 Dear Lord,

Through the darkness, I look for your wisdom.

I want my heart to be open to you.

But sometimes in these days, it seems that

so many things come between us.

Help me to be awake and aware

of the radiance you bring to my life.

Help me to be grateful each day

for the blessings of family and friends.

Let me be a peacemaker

in my own life, and in the world.

Let me pray especially for this difficult world

and those who are so in need of an end to violence.

My heart begs for this as my Advent prayer today.

12/11 God of Strength, I need your courage.

You offer to make firm the knees that are weak.

Only you know how frightened I so often am.

And you do offer me strength.

There is the promise of your Son's coming and knowing that you will save me.

I can't do this on my own no matter how often I think I can.

Give me the humility to ask for your help

and open heart to accept your healing and love in my life.

12/12 Loving and powerful God, Some days I can only be in awe of your power and love.

You never tire of supporting me.

I constantly ask for help knowing you will always be there.

From some place deep in my soul, I hear you calling me by name

and I prepare with a joyful heart for your coming.

Grant me the gift of hope, patience and waiting in these Advent days

because I want the focus of my waiting to be on you.

I want to praise and glorify you with my life.

Let me live my gratitude to you, rejoicing!

12/13 Jesus, in the darkness of these Advent nights let me be guided by the light of your word.

Give me the humility to be led by you and the wisdom to learn from you.

I feel your light in my life and in the world.

I am grateful for the Savior who awaits us, and eagerly await the time of rejoicing.

Let me look forward in hope and turn to you with great trust,

knowing you will guide my steps along the unknown path of this day.

12/14 Lord of such compassionate wisdom,

How often do I exalt myself and ignore you?

I look over the heads of my more humble brothers and sisters,

not seeing how they rely on you so much more than I do.

Help me to learn from them to make you the center of my life.

You invite me to not be ashamed of what I have done in my life,

but instead offer me a refuge.

Let me call out to you; hear me:

Give me the grace to see those around me who are brokenhearted.

Guide me in staying with them in their sorrows.

I ask for the courage to help them in all the ways they need it

and to be your servant on this earth.

Prayer Service & Reconciliation on Wednesday

There is a prayer service at 8:30 on Wednesday. Reconciliation by grade will follow the prayer service. Please be sure to accompany your students to the gym and remind them to be quiet as they proceed to the gym.

Prayer Service on Thursday

The English Dept. will host our prayer service on Thursday afternoon at 2:30.