All About Koalas

By sheylan

My animal needs.

It needs to sleep mostly of the day and active in the evening. This animal koala,which means one who doesn't drink.Koalas have plenty to eat.Queensland koalas weigh about twenty pounds and grow to be two feet tall.Sometimes they leap from one tree to tree to find more food. They get it from Australia.

My animals life cycle.

A animal koala life cycle

Three-fourths of an inch long and weighs about half a gram.For five to six months it stays in the pouch .When the cub is six months old the mother koala begins to feed it with partly digeted leaves called pap. When the cub is two years old, an adult male-perhaps its own father-drives it away.By that time,the cub is old enough to find its own trees.The joey is only about 0.8 of an inch (2cm)long,it has no fur,and its eyes and ears are not formed.

My animal features

They are fur.They have five toes on each toe.They have toes that work like thumbs.They have no tail.Koalas have a multi-purpose paws.Koalas sleep eighteen to twenty hours a day.Koalas have reddish or gray coats that are lighter on the ears and underside,long strong claws and check pouches in which they can store food.

Problem causes and affects

People have been hunting and killing koalas and messed their homes.They have been messing their home by destroying their home.Habitat:The koala would once been widespread throughout south-eastern Australia and on a number of it's surrounding island but population (particularly in south)where wiped out some areas due to hunting.Wheather:Koalas have once been widespread throughout south-earstern Australia and on a numbers of it's surrounding islands.