Rylee McDaniel

All About Me

All The Facts About Me

Facts About Me

1. My favorite song is SAIL, by AWOLNATION. 2. I love cheerleading. 3. I go horseback riding a lot in Summer. 4. My favorite color is green. 5. I like to design clothing. 6. I'm a beast catcher for softball. 7. My favorite sport is Softball. 8. I LOVE to read. 9. My favorite animal is the panda. 10. My favorite cousin is Mason Lee Sandstrom, is it okay to have favorites?


My name is Rylee McDaniel. I have lived 12 years now. I have went to two different schools and have moved twice (when I was really young.) During the summer we usually go to Lake Cantin. You can't now, Oklahoma drained all the water and used it. I have had several pets and I like to read.

Facts About Me

1. My name is Rylee M'Lynne McDaniel. 2. I was born on 6/28/02. 3. I have two other sisters Devon Lee Fuller and, Morgan Rean McDaniel. 4. I like to play minecraft. 5. My favorite name is Skylar. 6. My favorite book is "The Clockwork Princess". 7. My favorite minecraft player is The Diamond Minecart. 8. I have a lot of pets. 9. I am 12 years old. 10. I love shoes.

My Favorites Holiday.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. It's just so merry and happy. The feeling of waking up and sneaking out of your room to look at the Christmas presents is the best. I always wake up and go through my stocking before my parents wake up. I always put everything back though.


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Stop Bullying

This is a taxedo I made about bullying, it needs to stop.
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Anime Rylee

I designed myself as anime. In the future anyway...
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Rylee's Taxedo

This is my taxedo I made about myself


SWH Choir Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 7:30pm

SWH, Kismet, Kansas

The Junior High and High School will be singing at this concert.

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This is where I come to read fun stories and take great quizzes.


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