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Starkweather Association Services

Don't lose another potential member!

Transition interest and excitement into an immediate sale.

Starkweather's Mobile Join will convert hot leads to new members--on their mobile phones--in minutes. Mobile sale options increase conversions 38%. That's a 38% increase without doing anything other than signing up for mobile join.

Have you ever looked at a pile of filled-out forms and wondered how long it would take you to key that information into your database?

Let your new members fill out their own information, saving you time and eliminating mistakes from incorrectly hand-entered information.

Want to give it a try? Scan the QR code above and join Starkweather's Association of Zombie Warriors for free.

Make "yes" easy:

Mobile join will turn your next event into easy new member on-boarding. As potential members get to know your organization and its value, you can seamlessly transition that interest and excitement to an immediate sale.

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"It was easy and it worked." Laurel Goodroe, former membership coordinator, itSMF USA

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