The Scientific Method

Cynthia Huizenga, Olivia Wolfe, Madison, and Jullian

Step One.

State the Problem or Question: A question is asked.

Step Two.

Gather Information/Research: Information is collected

Step Three.

Form a Hypothesis: MUST be an "If...Then..." statement.

Step Four.

Design Experiment: Control group and experimental group.

Step Five.

Do experiment and Collect Data: Conduct experiment

Step Six.

State a Conclusion: Was the hypothesis correct?

Example: Students who study do better on tests in school than those who do not study

Hypothesis: If you study, then your score on a test will be higher

Independent Variable: Whether students study or not

Dependent Variable: Student test scores

Control Group: A group of students who are not told what to do

Experimental Group: AS group of students forced to study