The New Invention That Everyone is Raving About

The New Invention That Is BOOMing Up The Economy

Say you are a miner and one day you are down in the mines doing your job and then BOOM! The ceiling comes crashing down before you. You're trapped. You and your fellow workers start to panic. How are we gonna get out of here?! You wonder to yourself.

If this has ever happened to you, our new invention might be exactly what you need.

What Is It?

Dynamite is an explosive that is used in war and for civil purposes that can blow things up. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Dynamite is made up of nitroglycerin and diatomaceous earth or another absorbent substance such as powered shells or clay.
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Uses of this Amazing product

Mining, construction, quarrying, demolition, you name it. Dynamite can be used in all of those industries. It was initially used in the military as a weapon but then became popular for other things too. If you need to make something explode, dynamite is the product for you.


Dynamite is an explosive that should be handled with care. In the wrong hands this product can result in injury or death. Please use responsibly.


Dynamite was created by Alfred Nobel in 1867. Dynamite was originally used in the military as a weapon but then migrated to other work fields over the years. Dynamite is an explosive that is extremely helpful when you really need to get something out of the way. Dynamite contains an unstable chemical that is very explosive which is what makes dynamite so useful.

One effect that dynamite had on people's lives is that it made them easier, well certain people anyway. If you were in the demolition industry, dynamite can get the job done pretty quickly. Another effect is that dynamite can save your life. If you got stuck down in a mine shaft with no way out you can use dynamite to blow up the rocks that came crashing down, blocking your only exit, and then you can escape.

The advertising technique that I used is a mixture of bandwagon and repetition. I chose to use repetition because most people would probably see my product and say, "I don't have any of those jobs. What's this product's significance to me?" and they would forget about the product. If you engrave "dynamite" into the customer's brain then you can get them thinking about your product and then you have a sale. I also chose to use bandwagon because in society today you want to be accepted and to be accepted you have to like and have everything that everybody else likes and has. If you tell the customer, "Everyone loves dynamite! You should get some, too!" then that will most likely make them want to buy your product even if they initially didn't want to.