Spring 2018 Enrichments

Westhampton Day School

In addition to our weekly resources (P.E., Music, Art, & Culture Connection).. we are so excited about the enrichments that our WDS students will be participating in this spring semester! Click below and check out the enrichment schedule!

The Write OT [Pre-K]

In addition to our enrichments, our Pre-K students will have The Write OT once a month. Ilyse Canfield is a licensed Occupational Therapist who specializes in working with preschool children on fine motor and pre-writing skills. These sessions with Ilyse will use a fun, multi-sensory approach to help develop the skills needed for Kindergarten!

These sessions will focus on:

  • Core strengthening, balance and postural control
  • Bilateral coordination, crossing the mid-line and facilitation of hand dominance
  • Fine motor skills for dressing, writing and tool use
  • Eye-hand coordination and understanding of directional concepts
  • Ability to copy pre-writing lines and shapes
  • Letter recognition and introduction to letter formation

Starz Program

[2's] will participate in the Starz Creative Movement program. Every week they will learn new skills including motor skills like hopping, marching, and leaping. They will use their imaginations and explore new movements to improve coordination, balance, and memory!

[3's - After School] will be participating in Starz Sports program! They will explore new sports every 2 weeks including basketball, t-ball, floor hockey, and football. Throughout the program, children of all skill levels will improve individual abilities while developing team work and spirit.

Mindfulness Enrichment

Using the MindUp Curriculum, children work on learning various mindfulness techniques to use individually and with friends in the classroom. By learning how their brains respond to stress and by practicing strategies for quieting their minds, children become better at self-regulating, increasing their capacity for absorbing information, and improve their relationship skills.

Dance Enrichment

Downward Dog Dance, in conjunction with Mobile Dance and Yogis, has brought quality dance and yoga to daycares and schools since 2016. Our dance curriculum is geared towards preschool age children and all of our teachers have a background in dance and teaching. Your dancer will learn ballet, tap and hip-hop moves that build confidence and encourage individuality.

Scholastic Weekly Reader

Students explore themed weekly readers through Scholastic! The readers are filled with fun activities, rhymes & poems, science experiments, and so much more!