The Name Of This Book Is Secret

By:Pseudonymous Bosch

What This Book Is About

The genre of my book is fiction. This book is full of secrets and demands that will make s you keep turning pages by pages. When two friends meet at school, they soon become great collaborators and try to find the secrets to what they presume is a dead magicians house and backgrounds. Yet, by going off and searching for the answers, the noble survivalist Cass and the very logical Max-Enerst go on to find that if they don't do something fast the world will be lost because of an organization ran by the dead magicians brother, Dr. L and very evil lady by the name of Ms. Mavis.


The way I feel about this fictional book is that it's very mysterious and will get you thinking out of your mind. But don't worry, this book is not for everyone. Very few can handle the torture of waiting for all the answers you're wanting. From reading this book, it's made me think a little differently about the world and how I look at it. If what you're looking for looking for is in this content, this book is for you.


So many emotions can come out while reading this magnificent book. One of those emotions might be sadness for our friend Cass. Growing up without a dad in you're life can be very difficult and heart breaking. But seeing this remarkable survivalist really makes you happy for her great achievements accomplished when saving her friends and even family as well as herself. I know that reading this book has really made me look at people a little bit differently and has made me happy, sad, excited, ect. By reading the book shown right here, maybe it will change your life too.


  • The Name of This Book is Secret was published on October 1, 2001.
  • This book is one out of seven books in it's series.