Landforms and physical features

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The Appalachians are an ancient mountain system that runs through parts of northeast regions. The appalachians mountain range is called the alleghenies In some states are the oldest mountains In north aassive glacier.

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Weather and Climate

Parts of the regions tend to have cool summers and mild winters. In the southernmost areas people often choose to live in the northeastern states because the climate fits their lifestyle. The Golf of Mexico and the polar easterlies bring cold dry air from northern Canada. The weather can change quickly depending on which an area closeness to a large body of water

also affects the climate.

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Bodies of Water

Major river in the northeast united states are the hudson Delaware, Connecticut and Ohimerican.

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Niagara Falls

Niagara falls are the most powerful natural waterfalls In north america. The niagara river that feeds That feeds the falls is a nature international border between new york state and Canada. Niagara Falls was formed about 10,00 years ago by a mo. The Northeast is home to two of the great lakes, Lake ontario and Lake end.