Our Human Rights!!!

The rights for all humans :)

Just a Little Intro

Human Rights. When you hear those words what do you think of? Many people don't know is that everyone has human rights. There is actually a list of 30 humans rights. Here they are:

Number 1:

We are all born free and equal

Number 2:

Don't Discriminate

Number 3:

The right to life

Number 4:

No slavery

Number 5:

No torture

Number 6:

You have rights no matter where you go

Number 7:

We're all equal before the law

Number 8:

Your human rights are protected by law

Number 9:

No unfair detainment

Number 10:

The right to trial

Number 11:

We're always innocent till proven guilty

Number 12:

The right to privacy

Number 13:

Freedom to move

Number 14:

The right to seek a safe place to live

Number 15:

Right to nationality

Number 16:

Marriage and family

Number 17:

The right to your own things

Number 18:

Freedom of thought

Number 19:

Freedom of expression

Number 20:

The right to public assembly

Number 21:

The right to democracy

Number 22:

Social security

Number 23:

Workers' rights

Number 24:

The right to play

Number 25:

Food and shelter for all

Number 26:

The right to education

Number 27:


Number 28:

A fair and free world

Number 29:


Number 30:

No one can take away your rights