Reading Month Update

Details to keep you up to speed!

Information about the happenings...

It's been a wild couple of weeks with all of these meetings and trying to catch up from workshops and consultants visits, I am feeling like I'm falling a bit behind and not getting enough information out!

1. Classroom minutes: I am attaching a survey that you can enter your classroom total minutes in. If you would rather give me paper form just put it in my mailbox. Remember you can count the minutes for every student. This will help you meet the goals.

2. Student minutes: you can throw the reading logs in my mailbox. I am keeping track of everything on google sheets. I will send out automatically created certificates from this sheet a few times a week to let you know where you are at with your goal (i'm trying something new-sorry for any confusion)

3. Subway certificate: I am keeping track of the individual reading logs that I am getting in and counting minutes for students, but you may want to as well. The goal is 600 minutes to earn this gift certificate. Thanks for getting this for us Ms. Kristie!!! You can enter the information on this form, or leave it in my mailbox

4. PBIS 2/3 this week (Updated format)

I changed the form for PBIS so that it separates the answers out, this will help me automatically pull the information so I can print the awards for the board. That will help me get them up a little faster. I think the editing permissions were set wrong the first round so people were able to edit and the form got a little messed up. I fixed it and it should be ok, if it's not please let me know! Here is the link again.