Love, Actually?

My Helathy Relationship Guide - By Molly Esleeck, Period 5

Here are the certain bits and pieces that are essential to be in a healthy relationship with me! Enjoy :)

Qualities over Quantity?

Here are a couple of things I need in a potential lover. I need them to be attractive, intelligent, caring, kind, goofy, and passionate.

Deal of No Deal (Breakers)

Some of the deal breakers for our potential relationship would be that you need to be able to make me laugh, and don't worry I'll try to make you laugh too. Also, you need to treat others kindly and respectfully. If you are mean to anyone (including me) for no reason, you are out. Also you need to support me and all my crazy endeavors, and understand that I somewhat know what I am doing. You need to be willing to try new things and go on adventures with me, where we will take loads of pictures and make amazing memories. Last deal breaker is that you accept when I do not want to do something, and don't press it any further. It wont make me want to do it anymore if you keep begging me to do it.

Let's Go On A Dream Date...

Saturday, May 23rd, 5:15pm


The most perfect date would for you and I to start of the night getting a nice meal. It doesn't have to be super fancy, just something delicious that we both like. Later on we go and do something fun like go to a concert or play mini golf, and have a fun time goofing around together and learning more about one other. Lastly we end the night of with some yummy dessert, whether it be cupcakes, ice cream cookies whatever. The perfect dream date must end with desserts!

A Quote About Love From Me!

"Love is when being anywhere besides with him is so unbearable you wouldn't want to go, even if its the most magical place in the world."

A Quote About Love From A Celebrity

"A simple 'I love you' can be worth more than money" - Frank Sinatra