McRib Is Back

The McRib comes around yearly, so you'll love it dearly.

What is so good about the McRib?

If are looking for some good southern eating come on down to McDonald's for a McRib. A McRib is 500 calories and cost only $1.99 for one of these delicious sandwiches. The McRib is better than Burger Kings Whopper, the Whopper consists of 650 calories and costs $3.75. The McRib consists of a pork patty covered in barbecue sauce, dill pickles and onions all on a hoagie bun. The Mcrib Comes around Christmas time so its a present from McDonald's to you!

Never Fear The McRib Is Here!

Do you wish to be this guy? Go on down to McDonald's and buy a McRib! If you need alittle help, use our McRib locator to find a McDonalds nearest to you! ( We are not responsible for your addiction to the McRib because you'll be lovin' it!
McDonalds McRib Commercial - Honeymoon (extended version)

we are not responsible for the following......

toilet breaking, increase in weight, loss of hair, bigger pants size, diabeetus, loss of friends, growing a extra toe, dandruff, eyebrow cramps, hives, heart failure, vomiting, nausea, allergic reactions, drowsiness, foaming of the mouth, cannibalism, depression, hallucinations, muscle spasms, spontaneous yelling, and death

Please call if you experience the following!