Keegan Padgett

A 5th grade student

About Me

Hi I am in 5th grade I love soccer,I’m the team goalie.

I am a boy and I play Baseball, Basketball, Football,

and Soccer. I have two older brothers and a Mom and Dad and two dogs a Mexican

Chuwawa and a black lab mix. My family never has found out what shes mixed with. My Grandpa Jim is coming to our town today. He is so nice he gives me prety much anything I want he lives in a mansion

two 1970s camaros and corvets. We have a ford expedition, ford f350, and a ford explor one wave runer were planing on geting a nother one.i am ten years old

my dog lucy

Lucy had to get her tail cut off. do you want a black lab

my other dog Koda died at 5 months old

poor dog littel dog