Pottsgrove High School Falcon Marching Band


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Week In Review

Friday night, after a slight rain delay, the Falcons traveled to Spring-Ford to support the football team. While the Falcons fought hard, the Rams ultimately triumphed 22-13. The band performed well during halftime and in the stands. The staff would like to thank you for your flexibility and patience during the storm that delayed our departure and return times!

The band spent Saturday morning cleaning the show before heading to Marple Newtown High School. They had a solid performance and held their own against bands with completed programs. They earned 3rd place with a score of 77!

We are looking forward to finishing the show this week and pulling out all the stops at the Perkiomen Valley show on the 24th!

Schedule for this Week

WEDNESDAY: Due to the Homecoming festivities, we will have rehearsal on Wednesday night, instead of Thursday. We will rehearse our normal schedule from 6:30 - 9:15 PM.

THURSDAY: Homecoming Bonfire. Report time for the bonfire is 6:00 PM. After our performance, students will be dismissed to go home or join the school at the bonfire.

FRIDAY: Homecoming Pep Rally will be held during the day on Friday. Students will be dismissed from class to get ready. Homecoming Game against Methacton High School. Report time is 4:45. You must be dressed for warm up by 5:15. We are performing pregame at 6:35. Please be a polite audience for Methacton's halftime performance.

Chaperone report time is 5:00 PM.

Please have money with you if you plan to utilize the concession stands during 3rd quarter. REMINDER: NO food or drink is allowed in the stands. You must finish all refreshments BEFORE returning to the stands.

Pick-up time following the game will be 10:00 PM

FREE SATURDAY!: The Homecoming Dance has been cancelled. Please use this free time to stay on top of homework, prepare for the upcoming weeks, and practice your music! We hope you will take this time to recover and relax before we come back and make the final push towards Championships.

Chaperones for the week

The following parents are scheduled to chaperone the Home Game on Friday night:

  • Mrs. Achuff
  • Mrs. Ivins
  • Mrs. Lance
  • Mrs. Markoski
  • Mr. & Mrs. Nealy
  • Mrs. Welty
  • Mr. Zawadzki

Friday's report time is 5:00PM.

Important Peach Bowl Updates

Peach Bowl Participants - Please take note of the following information:

  • All Peach Bowl Participants must fill out the event waiver that was sent out via email. A physical copy must be returned to Mr. Holladay ASAP. We must have a printed copy of this waver for the Peach Bowl Coordinators - faxes and scanned copies will not be accepted. ALL participants (students AND chaperones) MUST turn this form into Mr. Holladay ASAP.
  • Credit Card payments can still be made directly to the travel company. Please contact Mr. Holladay for details.
  • The entire trip balance is due by November 5.

Homecoming Dance - Cancelled

The Homecoming Dance scheduled for this Saturday, October 17 has been cancelled.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Any students who purchased tickets will receive a refund this week.

Schedule Change

The organizers of the Pottstown Halloween Parade recently contacted me to let me know that the date for the Halloween Parade has been set for October 28, 2015, not the date (October 21) that is currently listed on the Marching Band Calendar.

More information regarding specific times for the parade will be coming in future newsletters.

Pick Up Times

Our weekly pick up times are calculated so as to give students adequate time to change and clean up after returning to the school from events. In the event that the band returns to the school earlier or later than the posted time, we will utilize the Remind program and our social media outlets to announce the changes, in addition to having students contact their parents.

We ask that you take advantage of the free, text-based announcement system Remind. This is the quickest and most secure way we have to contact parents when we are out of the school. Instructions can be found further in the Falcon Call.

We make every effort to notify parents as early as possible when our travel times change. Please be mindful of the pick up times posted in the Falcon Call and Remind.

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candle order forms were sent home with all students after last Thursday's rehearsal.

As in past years, the band and students will split the profit from this fundraisers. Students who participate will apply 20% of their profit towards their trip or band accounts.

There are two ways to order: catalog and online. Instructions for the online store can be found inside your packet of information. All catalog sales must be turned in by Tuesday, October 20. A delay in turning in order forms means a delay in the receipt of product for all students.

Sales tax MUST be calculated in the purchase price of all items. A tax form was distributed with each packet to make calculation easier.

Additional order forms are available in the band office. Please contact Amy Marazas with any questions.

Thank You

Thank you to the following parents who helped chaperone Friday's Away Game:

  • Mrs. Achuff
  • Mr. & Mrs. Coniglario
  • Mr. Footman
  • Mrs. Pickett
  • Mr. Nealy
  • Mr. Neiffer
  • Mrs. Schueck
  • Mrs. Welty

Thank you to the following parents who helped chaperone Saturday's Competition at Marple Newtown HS:

  • Mrs. Achuff
  • Mr. & Mrs. Coniglario
  • Mr. Nealy
  • Mr. Robles
  • Mrs. Rogers
  • Mrs. Schueck
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thieme
  • Mrs. Welty

T-Shirt Bill - PAST DUE

There are approximately 17 students who still have outstanding T-shirt/Sweatshirt bills. Deadline for those bills was last Thursday, October 1. Please check your Charms account for any outstanding bills. Please make sure these bills are taken care of ASAP!

Band Pictures

PORTRAITS WITH PRIDE will be taking individual band pictures on Thursday, October 15, from 3:00 - 6:30 PM. Each band member must make sure they are signed up for a time to be photographed. We ask that you arrive early in order to change into your uniform. Siblings should sign up for adjacent time slots. This will help in scheduling and will allow siblings to also have the chance to be photographed together in one or two shots.

You do NOT need to purchase any photos, but everyone must be photographed. The photographers will return on October 27 from 5 PM - 9 PM to show the proofs. They will arrange these appointments when the pictures are taken. Your child will be expected to pick a time that is convenient for your family.

Any parents who are willing to come in and view proofs will receive a FREE Photo Button of their student. However, you will not be pressured to buy anything. Any parents who wish to purchase pictures can do so that night and payment is due in full. Your pictures are then mailed to your home in approximately 2-3 weeks.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Holladay or you can email - orders@portaitswithpride.com.

Important UPdate from Charms

Effective immediately, Charms has made an important change to the student-area login procedure to help provide better security and privacy for your student information.

As you know, after the School Code is entered, the student's ID number is their first-time password to the specific student's area. Beginning today, if a student has not created a DIFFERENT password, distinct from that ID, they will be directed to the Change Password screen and encouraged to create a password different from the ID. They added this as an additional security measure for students as there is contact and financial information on the site.

In a few months Charms will add an additional step. After the School Code is entered for the "public" area, they will require that the student create both a unique username AND password (different from their ID number), in order to access the specific student area of the account. We recommend that this be a simple but recognizable username. They will also provide a mechanism for the student to be able to retrieve their own username and password via email or text.

There is an improved Charms Student app in development that will include these additional security measures, but the Student App does not currently allow for the changes in password or user name.

While this might be an inconvenience now, it will provide for better privacy and security for your student's personal information.

Chaperone Sign Ups

Parents interested in chaperoning throughout the season should fill out the "Chaperone Availability Form" as soon as possible.

Please note:

  • NO ONE will be scheduled to chaperone ANY band function (rehearsals, performances, OR fundraisers) without up-to-date clearances. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Signing up for a date does not guarantee that you will chaperone that day. We do our best to rotate through all of our volunteers, giving new and returning parents the opportunity to help with the band.


We do still need clearances from ALL parent volunteers. They are free for volunteers, you simply need to obtain the clearances. All instructions can be obtained on the district website and all forms are now digital. The district website lists all the instructions for which clearances you may need. Please bring photocopies to Mr. Holladay as soon as possible. CLICK HERE for the link to the district website.

No one will be scheduled to chaperone or assist at ANY rehearsal, performance, OR fundraiser without updated clearances. For the safety of our students, there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Important Reminder

If you are going to miss any part of a rehearsal or performance, please remember that you must submit a note to Mr. Holladay 2 weeks PRIOR to the scheduled event.

Also, as stated in the Marching Band Handbook, parents are asked to schedule all doctors appointments around the band schedule. The schedule is published far enough in advance to allow you opportunity to make other arrangements for appointments other than rehearsal time. Please utilize Mondays, Wednesdays, and any other afternoon for those appointments.

Wawa Hoagie Coupons DEADLINE

Deadline for handing in Wawa Hoagie Coupon orders is Thursday, October 15. All orders MUST be turned in by that date.

Contact Amy Marazas with any questions. She can be reached at 215-200-1600 or amarazas77@gmail.com


Birthdays this coming week:

  • Molly Achuff - October 13


  • October 13 - Rehearsal
  • October 14 - Wednesday Rehearsal
  • October 15 - Homecoming Bonfire & Band Pictures
  • October 16 - HOME GAME (Homecoming)
  • October 17 - FREE SATURDAY
  • October 20 - Rehearsal
  • October 22 - Rehearsal
  • October 23 - AWAY GAME - Boyertown
  • October 24 - COMPETITION - Perkiomen Valley HS
  • October 27 - REHEARSAL & Proof Viewing
  • October 28 - Pottstown Halloween Parade
  • October 29 - REHEARSAL
  • October 30 - AWAY GAME - Owen J. Roberts
  • October 31 - COMPETITION - Manheim Central HS
  • November 3 - REHEARSAL
  • November 5 - REHEARSAL
  • November 6 - VA PARADE
  • November 6 - HOME GAME - Pottstown HS (Senior Night)
  • November 7 - COMPETITION - Conestoga HS
  • November 10 - REHEARSAL
  • November 12 - REHEARSAL
  • November 13 - PLAYOFF GAME
  • November 14 - CHAMPIONSHIPS - Hershey, PA
  • December 1 - Rehearsal
  • December 3 - Rehearsal
  • December 4 - West Chester Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade
  • December 27 - January 1 - Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Atlanta, GA
  • January 29 - Marching Band Banquet


As stated in the Marching Band Handbook, the only headgear allowed during band functions is maroon Pottsgrove head-wear. We are currently selling Hats, Beanies,and Ear Warmers (pictured below).

If you wish to purchase one or more of the items, please order from the Online Store in Charms. Hats are $20, Beanies are $12, and the Ear Warmers are $10. These items are not limited to band students.

We always enjoy seeing our friends and family supporting our organization with pride. So feel free to purchase any of the aforementioned merchandise!

Photos & Videos

We are looking for photos and/or videos throughout this year's marching season. We need a wide range of photos from the summer rehearsals, band camp, "regular" rehearsals, and performances. As you download them, please forward them to Mr. Holladay on a disc, flash drive, or through Dropbox. PLEASE do not email photos or videos. The files are too large, and will get blocked. These photos will possibly be used in our Falcon Call each week, so please begin to send in those photos.

About Us

The band program at Pottsgrove High School forms a vital and important role in the complete high school experience.

Comprised of 55 students in grades 9 through 12, the Falcon Marching band performs at all home and away football games, local events and parades, and competes in the Cavalcade of Band circuit throughout the fall.

In addition to local performances, the ensemble has had several opportunities to perform on the national stage. Over the past ten years, the band has participated in Washington DC's Cherry Blossom Parade, the Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA), and the Miss America Parade (Atlantic City, NJ). In December, the band will make its first appearance at the 2015 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl in Atlanta, GA.

For a full schedule of performances, please contact Mr. Victor Holladay, Band Director.