RFMS Media Center

2015-2016 Quarter One Report

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21st Century Learning!

The RFMS library program saw 129 classes this quarter!

Classes included:

  • 6th grade English and Digital Literacy
  • 7/8 Reading
  • 7th grade English
  • 8th Grade English
  • Computers
  • TV Production

Technologies used were Google Drive, Animoto, WeVideo, Windows Live Movie Maker and Noodletools.

Classes covered Library Orientation, Copyright/Creative Commons, Evaluating Information, Citing Sources, Organizing Google Drive, Book Trailers and Book Speed Dating!

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Banned Books Week celebrates the Freedom to Read!!

Sometimes individuals or groups will challenge a book. This is an attempt to remove material from the curriculum or library. If the challenge is successful, then the book or text is banned, thereby restricting its access to others. The point of Banned Books Week, September 27th - October 3rd, is to increase awareness of this problem so people take notice when it happens.

The RFMS Media Center joined hundreds of libraries around the country in drawing attention to the problem of censorship. Each blacked-out page on our interactive bulletin board is from a book that has been challenged or banned in the U.S during the past 10 years. Students were challenged with identifying the titles of the banned books.

Vital Statistics

  • 9,951 students visited the Media Center this quarter. This is a 19% increase from last year!
  • We circulated 5,331 materials in Q1. This is a 2% increase from last year!