1984- Book 2 Chapters 1-5

Reading Book 2 Chapter 1-5 might be easier! (Look below)

1984 Book 2 Chapter 1-5 Packet

You will find your packet in your google classroom folder. Don't forget to click the "Done" button to turn it in when you are finished.
If you have a hard time finding the packet try the following:
-Make sure you are logged in with your @myorangeusd.org account when trying to access the document from your google drive (or straight from google.com/classroom)

1984 Activity #3

Choose ONE of the following prompts to write about (use Google Docs to write it) and CLICK HERE to turn it in.

Prompt #1- Write a diary from Julia’s point of view (or O’Brien’s or Parsons’.) 1/2 page min.
Prompt #2- Create a constitution or bill of rights for the Brotherhood. Include rules, constraints, rights. Use the U.S. Constitution as a guide for form. 1/2 page min.
Prompt #3- Write out the main points that could be used to support both sides of "Laws protect freedom vs. Laws limit freedom" 1/2 page min.

Weekly Checklist

  • Read Book 2 Chapters 1-5
  • Complete the Google Classroom "1984 Book 2 Ch 1-5 Packet"
  • Complete the 1984 Activity #3 CLICK HERE