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8 regions of north america

Costal Range - Description

  1. The coastal range is a very rocky,rugged place.(rocky beaches)
  2. The coastal range is very fertile place.
  3. Mountain ranges Sierra Nevadas and the cascades
  4. Located along the pacific coast
  5. Stretches from Canada to mexico.

Coastal Range - Geographic Features

  1. The Central Valley in California .
  2. Klamath mountains are in the coastal range region.

Coastal Range- Rate/Why

I rate it a 8 because the coastal range has fertile land so you can grow crops and theirs water. your near the ocean so you have a way to transport.the bad thing about the coastal range is the moutains and rockys its hard for you to travel up and walk on them.
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Great Plains - Description

  1. the great plains is a very dry grassland.
  2. flatland that gose on for miles with increase of elevation.
  3. west of the interior lowlands and east of the rocky mountains.

Great Plains-Geographic Features

  1. Missour river is in the great plains.
  2. The mountains of montana are in the great plains.
  3. The semiarid grassland aret in the great plains also.

Great Plains-Rate/Why

I rate the great plains a 5, because the great plains has dry land so it not good for farming. The great plains is easy to get around because of the flat land. There's transportations routes because of the Missour river.
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Appalachian Highlands- Descripions

  1. Old broken down mountains.
  2. Oldest mountains in north america.
  3. Piemont is the plateau area at the foot of the appalchian mountain.
  4. West of the coastal plains.
  5. Extends from canada to western alabama.
  6. Includes the peimont.

Appalachian Highlands-Geographic Feature

  1. Saint lawerance valley is inthe appalachain highlands.
  2. Another feature is the bule ridge .
  3. Maritime plains are also in the appalachain highland

Appalachain Mountains- Rate/Why

I rate the Appalachain Highlands a 6. the mountains make it harder to get round. there's not alot of rivers or waterways to get freash water. the valleys help you with framing and you drive cars in valleys too.
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