Mustang Minutes

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Scarborough's Summary

Hello, everyone! I have really enjoyed getting into classrooms for extended periods of time to watch instruction. Your diligence with implementing FLP (with test taking), and the gradual release model is evident. Keep it up Mighty Mustangs!

Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Kudos to our K teachers as they begin planning and preparing for community!

Kudos to our counselors for their hard work daily and support of students!

Kudos to ESOL for completing ACCESS testing! Woohoo!

Media Center News

Fun News!!!

Our 2nd grade visit from the 501st made the "In Five" Gwinnett County news. Checkout the link below. Pictures of our school show up at the 6:23 and 6:50 marks.

The 501st received the thank you letters that were written by the 2nd grade , and they were very touched. One student wrote that he had some Star Wars books at home that he had not read, but he was going to read them now. All the members of the 501st loved coming to Rockbridge and would love to come again next year. Chewbacca said, "Tell the kids that Chewbacca loves all the letters and pictures. He also said that he has plenty more boogers to wipe on the kids when he is invited back!!"

Don't forget that we now have lots of Star Wars books in the media center for all different levels of readers. The books in the green bins have books for beginning readers to very advanced readers. In fact, the level 4s have some very challenging vocabulary. We also have several new Star Wars chapter books for older kids, so there is something for everyone. Please spread the word among your students.

Our goal is to capitalize on the excitement for the new movie and the 501st visit to engage and build life-long readers. We believe:

Readers learn to love reading by reading what they love!

Counselors' Corner

CONGRATULATIONS to the February Attendance Winners!!! Good Job!

Custodian Closet

We are having students using the restroom on the floors of the bathroom. This is unacceptable. Please remind students of bathroom expectations and using their manners. If they wouldn't do it at home, they shouldn't be doing it here.

Technology Tips

Thank you for taking such care with grade finalization, the number of errors and corrections were minimal this quarter. Report Cards will be sent home on Friday, March 25th. They should be placed in your mailbox on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Coaches' corner

Thank you to all the teachers that modeled this week! You were awesome!

Parent Connection

Please hand in your YELLOW Title I folders and Early Release data to me by next Friday.

Please make sure that you have signed your Title I documents and put them in ABC order.

Reminder Parent Nights are coming up!

Wednesday March 23, 2016 - Grades 3,4,5

Thursday March 24, 2016 - Grades K,1,2

I hope that the final Parent Night is a big success. Please encourage your students to attend!!

Thank you for everything that you do!

Calendar of Events

3/22- Principal Cluster Meeting

3/23- Parent Teacher Team Meetings 3rd-5th

3/24- Parent Teacher Team Meetings K-2nd

3/28- Data Talks with Admin

3/31- Data Talks with Admin

3/31- Bunny Hop

3/31- no personal leave allowed/sick leave approved with dr. note

4/1- Student/Teacher Holiday

4/4-4/8- SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!

4/11-no personal leave allowed-sick leave approved with dr. note

4/14- Area V Board Meeting- MHS


4/19- Principal Cluster Meeting

4/27- Office Appreciation Day- tell the front office folks how much they are appreciated!

RES Birthdays


3/5 Jenny Alvarado

3/7 Katie Wylie

3/20 Shelia Ravenel

3/24 Kim Friedel

3/27 Tiffany Townsend