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November 11, 2016

American Education Week

We will celebrate American Ed Week November 14-18. Here is a rundown of some of the events:


After the preview of the play by the high school students (over at 7:55) we will stay in the gym and give students the run down of American Ed Week and introduce the "What I would do if I were principal" writing contest.

Post-It: We will have post-it notes for your advisory times and ask students to respond to the prompt, "What I like best about my school..."


Teacher Trivia: During the faculty meeting, you will make a Google slide with trivia about yourself- something kids might not know about you. Maggie will be making a bulletin board for Thursday where these slides will be hung for students to guess who is who.

Hug Your School: We will stage this photo op after lunch. Students will check in to 5th hour and then we will call on the intercom for everyone to head outside. We will encircle as much of the school as we can and give it a hug. We will try to be as efficient as possible in doing this.


We Support Our Schools: Wear suspenders to show your support for American Education.


"What I would do if I were principal" essays are due and Teacher Trivia will be put up.


Principal for the Day- winner of the writing contest will get to be principal for the day.

Thank you notes- During advisory, students will have the opportunity to write a thank you note to someone responsible for their education or support of their education.

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Professional Reading:

Upcoming Events


November 14- Preview of Aladdin Jr. by HS Theater Department, 7:40-7:55

November 15- Faculty Meeting, 7:30

November 15- 6th Grade PLC, 3:00

November 16- 7/8 Grade PLC, 7:15

November 28- December 1: 7th Grade Boys Basketball at St. James Tournament

First Game is Tuesday 11/29 at 6:15 vs. Pacific

November 28- December 1: 8th Grade Boys Basketball at Union Tournament

First Game is Monday 11/28 at 6:15 vs. Pacific


December 2- Families in Action Dance (Anyone want to help????)