Treaty of Versailles: Is it fair

How will it affect us as a country?

June 29th, 1919: Treaty of Versailles signed- The Allies have imposed these rules:

Our entire air-force has been abolished!

Overseas colonies taken by league of nations!

Rhineland taken by French and Belgians, German citizens have become part of these countries, they want to be living in Germany! They are Germans!

Our army has been crippled, only 100,000 men remain, that can't be enough to defend ourselves!

We are held completely to blame, the allies would have us believe the war is only our fault.

Reparations must be paid for damages to the Allied cities and towns, but what of our towns and infrastructure? Are we held to blame for that to?

The Consequences

We now live in a country where cowards running the once great Germany now cower at the sight of hose who opposed us. Many believe this is what has happened, that our government of social democrats had 'stabbed us in the back' as well as all those soldiers still ready to die for the motherland on the front lines. Will Germany ever recover from this, with pressure from every direction outside the border it is hard to see a brighter future for Germany, and we have to wonder how the Allies, who consider themselves peacemakers, can condemn an entire country to poverty.

Report by Simon Turner of El TIgre news