February 2016

Media/Tech. Integration Newsletter

Starting the Year off Strong!

I've been hearing reports from so many classrooms reading the entire set of 20 nominated Monarch books. If your class has read all 20, let me know.

Many of our 3 - 5th grade students have read all 20 Bluestem Nominees. We are certainly a community of readers. Monarch Voting will be March 1. Bluestem voting will be March 2.


3 - 5th grade classes participated in bluestem baseball over the last few month. This has been a fun game for all. I will be sending out an invite for 1 more game at the end of February. Students need to have read a DIFFERENT Bluestem book to play. We have so many available in the Media Center. Look at the great pictures we were able to capture.
Go Noodle

Have you noodled, lately? Visit me for a free gift if you used Go Noodle today.

WAYS TO USE TECHNOLOGY IN YOUR ROOM ... links are attached to the name of each

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Pedagogy First Technology Second

Think of Technology as a toolbox. As you are preparing a lesson, ask yourself: is there a tech. tool that can extend the learning, differentiate for the students, or make it more interesting and engaging?

Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome. Let me know how I can help you to use this tool with your students.


Suzanne Dekorsi - Media/Tech. Integration

Mrs. Patti Wecott - Media Clerk

Mrs. Cheri Piat - Media Clerk