Window Parabola

Rachel Vincenzo & Kaleigh Keyes (Martin Algebra2 3rd)

Picture of Object Close-Up with Axis Drawn

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Points on Parabola

Vertex- (4.16, 3.1)

Root 1- (.36, 0)

Root 2- (8,0)

Random Point on Parabola - (6.51,2.25)

Picture of Object from a Distance

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Standard Form

f(x) = -.15x² + 1.2x +.5

Vertex Form

f(x) = -.15(x-4.16)² + 3.1

Location of Parabola

Window on a front door (at the top middle of the door)

X and Y Scales

X Scale - 1

Y Scale - 1


1. What does the height of the window represent?

Y-Coordinate of the vertex

2. At the point where the window ends represents what?

The roots of the parabola

3. What is the maximum height of the window?

3.1 (Y-Coordinate of vertex)

4. How far away from the start of the window does it reach its maximum height?

4.16 (X-Coordinate of vertex)

5. What is the domain related to the distance window from the start?

0 is less than or equal to x which is less than or equal to 8.7

6. What is the range from the height of the window?

0 is less than or equal to y which is less than or equal to3.1


Root 1-(-.39,0)

Root 2- (8.7,0)


Window Parabola