The cost of pursuing ones dream

Is losing another dream

Open one door, the others close

In Harry Potetr and the Order of the Pheonix, Harry is trying to find a prophecy that contains dangerous information, which if falls into the hands of Lord Voldemort, could mean the death of him. While harry is looking for the prophecy, he finds himself at seven doors, where he must choose the right one. Does he want to run away, or does he want to face his destiny? Just like the Americans in the crisis of 2008, he can't go back. The cost of pursuing a dream, or destiny, is losing all the other chances for the dream.

Daisy Buchanan is a victim of the cost of pursuing ones dream. As she grew up, she was very rich, and had the opportunity to date the man himself Jay Gatsby. This led to her promising him that they would marry once he returned from the war. However, she was not very patient, and looked for the most available man named Tom Buchanan. Tom Buchanan was " enormously wealthy", along with having great physique and many other supporting attributes ( Fitzgerald 6). This is very similar to the fashion in which thousands of Americans were cheated of their money, when they were sold supposedly quality security's, then were not babel to pay the price for the failing securities. Because they did not buy the top rated security, they had to pay less money at the start but were unable to support the system later on, just like how Daisy did not marry the man she truly loved, who would have been less likely to abandon her, and they became what appeared to be the worst couple, with Tom running off with another girl every other weekend. In choosing one dream, both Americans and Daisy lost the other dreams, where they would have lived successfully and happily.

When attempting to live a life it is impressive to see more than fifty percent of a community living in a prime condition home. " There's so much subprime stuff floating around - more than $1.5 trillion of loans, maybe $200 billion of losses," and because that is all people see they have to give up the dream of living above a " subprime" life ( Sloan 1). In the article "Junk Mortgages", GSAMP Trust 2006-S3 was analyzed, because of its notorious story. This deal comprised very risky securities and very little analysis done by the lenders. It was designed to fail, and that is what Goldman Sachs was betting on. What else compares to the horror of harry potters foster family, the Dursleys. They tried so much to surround harry with mundane things, have him do mundane things, and live a mundane life. This can be reversed for what happened in the " Junk Mortgages " article. Instead of just he recipient losing all his dreams, with Harry being bullied all the time, the family also lost all their dreams of living a peaceful life by trying to bottle up what was inside Harry. From Goldman Sachs and Harry Potter, it is obvious that the recipient and the person forcing the object both lose dreams.

Losing the other dreams is not bad all the time. Jesus Christ lived his life for his father, his Heavenly Father. He could have been an average kid, he could have played with his friends, followed in his mortal fathers footsteps, and lived a tough but comfortable and simple life. However it was not his will, his dream that he would follow. He would follow his fathers dream, for "yet not my will, but yours be done" Bible Luke chapter 22 verse 42.

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