The 5th wave

By Rick Yancey

book report by Jade Dogan

Cassie Sullivan is your average teenage girl. She led a normal life just like everyone else. That is before they arrived. When the mothership first arrived some people were scared. Other people thought the aliens came to make peace with the humans. At first the humans didn't notice anything different. They even forgot the ship was up in the sky because they thought everything was going to be okay. The people who were scared were right to be scared. With their advanced technology the aliens sent out catastrophic waves to wipe out the human race. Over the course of the story Cassie tries to reunite with her younger brother who was taken by the others during the earlier part of the book.

The genre of this book would be considered dystopian/post-apocalyptic. I would say this genre fits this book well. Mostly everyone Cassie knows is dead along with most of the human race. The book starts out in Cassie's point of view telling her side of the story, but the point of view changes from person to person throughout the course of the story. I would say the language of this book is convincing. All of the characters are not proper and grammatically correct. They talk like regular people would talk if in their situation.

The 5th Wave - Official Trailer #1 (Chloe Grace Moretz & Nick Robinson)