Greig Ferguson

Greig Ferguson: Member of the Royal College of Nursing

Greig Ferguson

As a member of the Royal College of Nursing, Greig Ferguson has established himself as an accredited, self-employed clinical educator. Greig Ferguson has a background in nursing extending back to his time as a military nurse. Greig Ferguson has devoted his life to caring for others, whether that means abseiling off of the Shard in London to raise money for charity or teaching for the British Heart Foundation. Greig Ferguson is also a member of BASICS Scotland.

Greig Ferguson: Why Clinical Education?

In the fast paced field of nursing, practical experience is crucial. Greig Ferguson has gained a lot of real-world experience first as a military nurse and then as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner before becoming a clinical educator. Although Greig Ferguson spends less time these days caring for injured people, he now gets the privilege of influencing the doctors and nurses of tomorrow.

So why would Greig Ferguson make the switch to clinical instruction? Although Greig Ferguson enjoyed his hands-on nursing positions, clinical education allows him to delve more deeply into the intellectual side of nursing, by working with all staff involved in care. Here are three reasons to consider becoming a clinical educator:

  1. If you enjoy teaching. Not everyone has the personality of a great teacher. If speaking to groups of people sounds difficult, you might consider a different avenue into the nursing field.
  2. If you enjoy working with students. Again, not everyone likes interacting with students. Greig Ferguson points out that the students may ask basic questions and have a difficult time understanding concepts, but a good clinical educator will be able to patiently work with them.
  3. If you enjoy learning. A clinical educator must always be learning the latest updates in the nursing field in order to make sure that all students are thoroughly equipped to work in the industry. Greig Ferguson is continually researching new theories and technologies in order to offer instruction on the most current advances.

Greig Ferguson has found clinical education to be a thoroughly rewarding job. What is rewarding about your position in the nursing field?

Greig Ferguson’s 5 Tips on Successful Self-Employment

Greig Ferguson recently launched his career as a self-employed clinical educator after successfully achieving the necessary accreditation. Although Greig Ferguson has worked in many different positions over the years, he has never lost sight of his dream of self-employment. As a military nurse, successful clinical instructor, and an Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Greig Ferguson slowly developed the skills that now serve him well as he promotes himself.

Greig Ferguson offers the following advice for individuals who are launching a career in self-employment:

  1. Practice self-discipline. As a self-employed clinical educator, Greig Ferguson could easily let himself be lazy and not pursue as many jobs as possible. Greig Ferguson recommends setting definite work hours and applying yourself during that time in order to maximize the potential of your work.
  2. Don’t be shy about promoting yourself. If you’re going to work for yourself, you have to promote yourself! People won’t know about the services you offer unless you tell them.
  3. Offer clients high quality skills and services. In order to beat the offerings of bigger companies, Greig Ferguson advises that you hone your skills and perfect your services so that the quality of your work will be apparent to all of your potential clients.
  4. Continue to learn. In order to maintain a thriving business, you have to stay ahead of the competition, says Greig Ferguson. That means keeping up with trends within your industry.
  5. Make goals for yourself. According to Greig Ferguson, every business needs both short- and long-term goals. Set realistic goals and go after them!

Greig Ferguson: Abseiling off the Shard

If you’ve been to London recently, you’ve no doubt seen the Shard, which is currently the tallest building in Western Europe. Greig Ferguson recently accomplished the incredible feat of abseiling off of the Shard. Although Greig Ferguson’s day job is as a clinical educator, this unusual occasion allowed him to experience an extraordinary day of exhilaration with HRH Prince Andrew.

Greig Ferguson took the leap on a bright day last September. With all of London watching, Prince Andrew, Greig Ferguson, and 39 other climbers slid down the face of the huge building. This may like an extreme way to get a rush, but the group was participating for a good cause. Greig Ferguson and the others were a part of a charity event organized by 2 organizations that support injured Royal Marines. As a member of the Royal Marines Association and former serviceman, Greig Ferguson was thrilled to assist in raising funds.

Thanks to their courage, Greig Ferguson and his fellow climbers were able to help the charities raise a substantial amount of money to help wounded Royal Marines. Greig Ferguson believes that it is important to support charities like this because Royal Marines sacrifice so much for their country that they deserve some extra support from the general public.

If you’re interested in getting involved in an organization that allows you to participate in a similar way, consider joining a local group that organizes efforts to raise funds for the military. You may not get to abseil off of the Shard like Greig Ferguson, but you might find an opportunity for a different daredevil stunt!

Greig Ferguson: 3 Ways to Support the Royal Marines

As a former Royal Marines Reservist and as a military nurse within the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS), Greig Ferguson understands the importance of supporting the troops. In order to better support the military, Greig Ferguson recently became a member of the Royal Marines Association. This organization is devoted to promoting the interests of all Royal Marines, whether they are actively on duty or have veteran status. Greig Ferguson has enjoyed being involved in this group because it allows him to more directly offer assistance to Royal Marines and their families.

Although Greig Ferguson now works as a self-employed clinical educator, his membership with the Royal Marines Association allows him to maintain a connection with the military. However, there are many ways to support the Marines. Here are Greig Ferguson’s top 3 suggestions for how you can offer support to the Royal Marines:

  1. Attend a parade. This suggestion may seem tawdry, but Greig Ferguson would like to point out that the Royal Marines appreciate seeing the physical support of the public who are willing to show up at an event.
  2. Make a financial contribution. Money donated to organizations like the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund & the Royal Marines Association benefits active Royal Marines as well as veterans and their families. These men and women have worked hard to serve their country, so making a financial contribution is a wonderful way to thank them.
  3. Join the Royal Marines Association. Greig Ferguson says that this is the most effective way to help Royal Marines because it gives you access to an organization that will keep you up to date on anything you can do to help.

Greig Ferguson: Why We Need BASICS Scotland

Although BASICS Scotland only branched off from the UK’s BASICS organization, Greig Ferguson believes that the group has already made itself invaluable to Scottish society. Greig Ferguson joined the organization in 2011 in hopes of offering positive contributions to the medical community in Scotland.

In order to improve the general state of emergency medicine, Greig Ferguson has supported BASICS Scotland’s efforts to provide current medical and nursing education to primarily rural areas of the country. Greig Ferguson has found that this education allows doctors and nurses in these remote locations to provide higher quality care to their patients.

As a former military nurse with a specialty in critical care, Greig Ferguson is passionate about improving Scotland’s emergency care system. Greig Ferguson even spent some time working as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner.

Besides offering greater support for rural doctors, BASICS Scotland is committed to providing high quality book courses, teaching materials, and news on the latest updates in the industry to the medical and nursing professionals of Scotland. Greig Ferguson expects that BASICS will continue to benefit the Scottish people for decades to come.

If you’re involved in emergency care in Scotland, Greig Ferguson encourages you to join this beneficial organization. By becoming a member, you can join Greig Ferguson in bettering the state of emergency care in Scotland. As a member, you can contribute to the agenda of the organization.

Are you involved in a medical organization like BASICS Scotland? How are you helping the medical community?