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Week of January 18, 2016

This Week's "JOT": Google Sheets 'Explore'

This week's JOT will definitely resonate with the "dataphiles" among us. Google Sheets has recently unveiled its latest Sheets visualization feature called 'Explore'. It allows the user to quickly view the data in the sheet in a graphical format WITHOUT using the chart construction tools under the Insert tab. Mind = Blown!

Check out the quick video (<1:00 min) introducing Explore below. And If you'd like to learn more about how to integrate Sheets into your class or lessons, inquire with your site's local Tech Ninja(s).

Finally, here's a nice user-friendly teacher resource for Sheets:

A Beginner's Guide to Google Sheets for Educators


Explore in Google Sheets


Q: "Where do I get my username and password (and those of my students) so I can login?"

A: You already have 'em. Your Illuminate login is your PGUSD Google login. You heard right... Illuminate has teamed up with Google and now offers users SSO (Single Sign On) with Google accounts. This covers both teachers AND students. From the staff and student portal (see screenshots below), click on the red "Sign in with Google" button, grant permissions (first time only), and you're in. It's that simple.

Big image
Big image

CI -"Comic of Inspiration"

Big image

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, Jan 18: No School - MLK Day
  • Tues, Jan 19: Ed-Tech Support - MS, Ed-Tech Plan Dev., SSC Meeting (RD)
  • Wed, Jan 20: Ed-Tech Support (FG), TTM Data Validation (MS)
  • Thurs, Jan 21: Ed-Tech Support (CHS, HS)
  • Fri, Jan 22: Ed-Tech Support (RD, CHS), Plan R&D (DO)