The Manning Weekly Newsletter

November 16, 2018

Dear Families,

'Tis the season to be thankful! I am so thankful for:

  • Having arguably the most polite and respectful students in any public school in Colorado

  • How much each of our teachers cares about each one of our students
  • The relationships we’ve formed since the beginning of the school year

  • Our staff's commitment to serve and give beyond expectations

  • Our Manning families, who are partners in our educational endeavors

  • A building principal with a huge heart for kids, and who has a vision and continuously steers us in the right direction

  • The camaraderie and collaboration among our staff to make Manning such a positive place to learn and work

  • A front office crew who effortlessly handles incessant amounts of administrative tasks and keeps everything running smoothly

  • And many many more things

Indeed, there is a lot to be thankful for. Please enjoy a well-deserved vacation. We know these first three months of the school year puts a lot of stress on our families at home, too! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

David / Mr. Luongo

Reminder - JeffCo Has a Full Week off for Thanksgiving

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A Student at Manning Has Been Diagnosed with Pertussis ~ Click the Button Below to Read the Full Notice of Information

Manning Musical Theater Students and Parents,

We are calling two extra rehearsals at Manning for 8th grade musical theater students and lead roles. With Thanksgiving break, we feel we need the extra rehearsal.

We will be rehearsing

Saturday, 11/17, from 1:00-2:30 p.m. & Wednesday, 11/28, from 2:30-3:30 p.m.

As a reminder our dress rehearsal is on Monday, Dec. 3 from 3:30-6:00 p.m. Students should bring a snack, water bottle and costume. Thank you for your flexibility and support!

Guest Mountaineer Brings a Novel to Life

Wednesday in 7th grade ELA, we had the privilege of a visit from a mountaineer. Mr. Bruce Gierszal has summited Denali twice and climbed some 14 other world famous peaks. He inspired our students with stories of a few near death experiences, a demonstration of the required gear, and his love of spectacular views. C.J. Leblanc wore the gear and was ready for an altitude of 8,000 meters. This was all done in connection to White Fang by Jack London. Mr. Gierszal also shared the books that interested him in climbing.
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Know Anyone Interested in Manning?

Our StuCo leaders and Ms. Templeton will be leading tours every Wednesday afternoon during Access Time beginning on November 7th. If anyone you know would like a tour, tell them to arrive at 1:45 on any Wednesday. Please help us spread the word! If any current students have a younger sibling who plans on attending Manning, they are welcome to join a tour!

Hello Manning 6th Grade Families,

We wanted to provide you with some important reminders and dates regarding our 6th Grade Outdoor Lab. If you are participating in the King Soopers fundraiser, you have until March 23rd to use those cards to help contribute towards your student's $350 Outdoor Lab fee. After March 23rd, you will be responsible to pay any balance remaining by April 5th.

For those of you not participating in the King Soopers card fundraiser, the deadline to have the $350 fee paid is April 5th. If it would help you to make your payments in increments, please feel free to do so by contacting our financial secretary Jade Zentz at 303-982-6226. You can make payments over the phone with a credit card. You may also log onto Jeffco Connect and pay the $350 in full at any time.

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Outdoor Lab Spirit Wear!

  • Purchasing Spirit Wear: Spirit Wear is available at Families can also purchase items at the Foundation office, although they should call ahead as our hours vary:

3000 Youngfield St., Suite 167

Wheat Ridge, CO 80215

(Call ahead at (720) 403-8241)

  • Pricing:
    • Hoodies $35
    • T-shirts $16
    • Ball caps $20
    • Beanies $15
    • Water bottles and Sunglasses are each $5.
  • School Delivery Deadline: Families have until January 6, 2019 to place their Spirit Wear order if they’d like it shipped to the school. We deliver all “ship to school” orders the week before they are scheduled to attend Outdoor Lab.

Recess this week ranged from penguin slides down a hill to basketball in tee-shirts

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7th Grade Field Trip in March

Parents of 7th-grade Students: In conjunction with the reading of The Diary of Anne Frank in Language Arts class, all 7th-grade students will be attending the Arvada Center's production of Anne Frank in March. The cost of student tickets is $14 per student; the PTA graciously covers the cost of the buses. Please visit Jeffco Connect to pay your student's ticket fee by the end of this semester. 7th-grade Honors Language Arts classes will see the play on March 5; 7th-grade Traditional Language Arts classes will see the play on March 19. The performance time is 10:30-12:30. Thank you for your support of this enrichment opportunity for your student!

Students Make a Presentation about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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Manning Ultimate Frisbee Ends Season on High Note

Congratulations to our Ultimate Frisbee team for completing the fall season. The team played in a tournament last weekend including a total of 10 teams. We came in 7th, but ended up taking 4th place in the Spirit Award. We are proud of our team for their spirit as well as sticking out a long season!

6th Graders Create Their Own "Bill Nye the Science Guy" Educational Videos

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6th Graders Having a Whole Class in Depth Discussion about a Novel

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Manning Yearbooks & 8th Grade Well Wishes Are on Sale Now

2018-19 Manning Yearbooks are on sale from fall until March 8, 2019.

Packages and A la Carte prices: click here
Purchase all yearbooks online at
Manning yearbook code is: 12208119
Yearbook Purchase Deadline: March 8, 2019.

8th grade Well Wishes: $10 (1/4 page advertisement)
Well Wishes Due Date: Feb 15, 2018

8th Grade Well Wishes

8th Grade well wishes is a $10 1/4 page advertisement add-on to the price of a yearbook. Be sure to submit a photograph and dedication to Lifetouch by February 15, 2019 in order to be included in the yearbook, follow the instructions below:

Your 8th Grade Well Wish must be submitted online at:

Community Image Upload Site Access Code: ALAZBC

1. Upload your Image. (Please only submit 1 image for your student) Images must be at least 300 dpi and only jpg or tiff images are accepted.
2. List your students name under the Keyword
3. Type your dedication under the description
4. Change category to 8th grade Well Wishes
5. Press Submit.

7th Grade Scientists Learn about Species Adaptation by running a simulation of peppered moths

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Winter Performance Tickets Now Available

ELF THE MUSICAL JR!-tickets are $3

December 3, 2018-Dress rehearsal for Elf from 3:30-6:00

December 4, 2018-5:30 pm performance and 7:00 pm performance

WINTER CONCERT-tickets are $3

Dec. 11, 2018- 5:30 p.m. performance and 7:00 p.m. performance

Dec. 12, 2018- 7:00 p.m. performance

Tickets can be purchased from:

***Families are encouraged to only attend one performance so ALL families can watch their student perform***

Medication Reminders

Should your student need Advil, Tylenol or Aspirin during the school day, they can complete a medication agreement form found on our school web site. This form will also need to be signed by your physician. You will then need to drop off the medication and form to our Health Aide in the clinic for your student’s needs. Your student is allowed to carry a daily dose as long as it’s only a daily dose in its original container and the container has not expired. We have found the travel sizes tend to work best for the student’s needs. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our school Health Aide, Bertha Heesacker.

7th/8th Grade Educational Trip to SEACAMP

7th and 8th Grade Parents,

If your student is interested in attending SEACAMP San Diego this year with our Manning trip the end of this school year from Monday, May 27th through Friday, May 31st, 2019, please let us know by completing our interest form ASAP (no later than Sunday, November 25th). For more information check out this flyer with a sample schedule of activities for the week.

Mandatory meetings for interested participants will be held on Tuesday, November 27th with one after school (3:40-4:25) and one later in the evening (6:00-6:45). This meeting will include getting paperwork and airline deposits to lock in our group airfare rate ($75, please bring a checkbook). We will update participants who have completed the interest form as the meeting date approaches.

6th Grade Field Trip to International Towne

On Thursday and Friday, our 6th graders spent the day at International Towne, and it was a huge hit! Thank you to all of our parents who volunteered their time, re-arranging work schedules to be with our students as they had this incredible experience. International Towne is a life-like simulation of a global marketplace where students physically apply concepts they’ve learned as they step into roles as citizens of 16 different countries. They were able to solve world crisis situations such as a devastating typhoon in the midst of navigating international exchange rates for their currency and getting to travel and purchase special food, merchandise, and/or experiences from the other 15 countries, all the while staying out of credit card debt!

6th Graders Return from Winter Break on Jan 8

Please be aware for your vacation planning: 6th Graders' first day back from break will be on Tuesday, January 8th for Outdoor Lab Orientation. More details about that day will come soon.

PE Uniforms for 2nd Semester

Our clothing store is now open and accepting orders until December 16th. If your student's schedule reflects gym class for next semester, please make sure to place an order for your his/her gym uniform if you have not already done so. Uniforms are mandatory for PE Class. Orders will arrive when we return from winter break.

PLC Update

This past Wednesday, our teachers met in grade level teams and spent time talking about individual students who could use some extra support to be successful and brainstormed possible interventions we could provide. We also continued brainstorming about our Project Challenge week in May, but this time, beginning the process of narrowing down our focus for what that week will look like.

A Message from the PTA

Congratulations to the winners of the Manning PTA Reflections contest!

Visual Arts Winners

1st place- The Strong Squad (Drawing- Colored Pencils) Adan Marquez, 7th grade

2nd place- Words Are Power (Drawing) Sophie Leo, 7th grade

3rd place- Parents Are Heroes (Watercolor) Lillian Young, 6th grade

Photography Winner

1st place- To Let Go, Casey Hume, 7th grade

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • In guitar, Hayden forgot all of his supplies at home and he decided to be honest and go up to the front to tell Mr. Sawyer about it.
  • Michaela Grimes had a pencil of mine and forgot to give it back so she gave it back to me and she gave it at the end of the day. Thank you Michaela
  • Carly Brandes let her teacher know when she made a mistake and wanted to make sure that her assignment was graded accordingly. Thank you Carly for being brave and for asking for the correct grade. We appreciate your honesty.


  • Luke Henry always is always on task.
  • Leif Hansen goes in everyday to redo homework
  • Alexa Lewis stayed after class ended to finish her test before going to lunch.
  • Lily Velapoldi stayed after class ended to finish her test before going to lunch.
  • Riley Kopser always tries to go above and beyond to make smart decisions. He tries to make sure everyone is included and happy :)
  • Ms. Burg makes learning fun and give effort to help kids learn.
  • Patricia Soto was always studying. During lunch while we were all playing uno, she pulled out her notes and started studying. She even printed out Science Concept Checks to study. She also decided to study all of recess.
  • Carter Beckford helped me open my locker during a time.
  • Mrs Putnam tries hard not only to be a good teacher but a good friend. Her classroom is very welcoming and she gives you a fist bump everyday when you come in. She makes her learning fun and tries her best to interest people however she can. She is funny and makes my least favorite subject my favorite subject. Thank you Mrs Putnam
  • Keileigh Gorman is always such a good example to the school, and it so kind and generous to everyone she meets. I always catch giving me a smile in the hallway. She is so sweet and such a queen.
  • When I couldn't hold my binder or open my locker when I broke my thumb, Elaina Roboff helped me carry my things and get to my classes
  • Emerie Nauslar has been there for me and cheers me up when I need it. She is always a delighted to be around and has the biggest heart I know!
  • Nora Bendl went into tutor time and worked hard to improve her grades.
  • Jack Kent always works so hard. He puts 110% into all of his work and all of his friendships.
  • Kaitlyn Mitchel does so well staying on task in class. She avoids distractions and prioritizes her learning. Way to go, Kaitlyn!


  • I nominate Ella Schein because she always shows ellaness * ellaness is being happy and positive all the time no matter what happens* this is important because it helps motivate other people to do what they're supposed to do.
  • LIsl Gidlund is the most kind, and caring, and genorous person I have ever met. She always tells me the math homework for the night. She is like my personal planner. She is so sweet and I love her so much.
  • Natalia Hernandez and Abby Inglee exemplify what a language arts teacher really appreciates: students excited about the novel being read in class! They pose great questions about the novel, and give thoughtful answers during discussions. Thanks for the effort!
  • Kit LeBlanc works hard to complete all of his classwork at a quality level. Nice job, Kit!
  • Sidney Harris always gets her work done. I never have to remind her to be on task and I never have to reiterate my expectations of her.
  • Charlie Gupta does a great job in math. I'm proud of the high standard he holds himself to; he is always doing quality work, even if it takes more patience.
  • Ms. Claussen's 7th Period class is amazing. It is full with heart and intelligent people and my peers in the class that make me feel so welcome and always have my back when I'm mad or sad!! thanks


  • Audrey Patton is really nice to everyone she knows.
  • Every time I see Soli Fico, she is either smiling at me and saying hi or, she is just smiling in general.
  • Addison Pung always make me smile, and she is always fun to be around
  • Addison Helms volunteered to help put music stands away after class. She was very respectful in orchestra.
  • Ms. Putnam has helped me get through all my science work.
  • Mrs. Pouliot is a great role model for me and everyone else! She is always cheerful, fun, and friendly; furthermore, she always lights up my day with a smile or by saying "hi". She deals with situations calmly and without raising her voice. She likes me for the way I am and doesn't try to change me. I am able to joke around with her and be myself. Thank you Mrs. Pouliot!
  • Chloe Haynes was really shy at first, but we invited her to sit with us one day. She has been really kind to me and she has been a really great friend. She always makes sure we are OK and she is kind to everyone.
  • Ms. Claussen has a great class, and I always enjoy it. I have such a fun time, and she is so respectful.
  • Mrs. Claussen is always so nice and shows us so much respect. Her 7th period word wonder class is such a fun class to be in.
  • Jordan Aulik is always there for me to talk and she has always had my back. She can always make me smile even if I'm having a bad day. She is nice to everyone and I am very thankful for her.
  • Mrs.Claussen always makes things so fun and joyful and ever sense the first day of school I new she was going to be my favorite.
  • Jane Bendl is always respectful of other people. I should know, I have to share a room with her.
  • Hudson Vallin-Serwinowski always stays late to clean up my classroom and stack chairs. Thanks, Hudson! I really appreciate your help!
  • Layla Keys is always nice to me and my friends and she is always doing her best in classes. Layla also never leaves someone out.
  • Ms. Agard's 3rd Period Class worked in the library on Thursday. They did a great job working at their own pace and prioritizing how they needed to spend their time.
  • Ms.Agard helps everyone and supports them to do their best.
  • Bernard Jakab invented a special handshake called the G-Lock and taught this handshake to a whole bunch of 7th graders. No one has been excluded from learning this handshake, and now there are a lot of 7th graders who know how to do the G-Lock. I think this has been a great way to make students at Manning feel included.


  • Sammy Kruger, every day in science, is helping me stay on task and always has tape! Way to go Sammy!
  • Audrey Sara is always smiling and when I'm not happy she cheers me up.
  • Ms. Agard is everything on heart but mostly teamwork whenever she sees a problem in the class she talks to us as a team to help us fix the problem. Like at the beginning of the year we found a problem and she helped us come up with the classroom norms.
  • When I bring a game in to play at our table during lunch, Beate Taylor, Laura Vessile, and Ally Ricktson are the only ones that help me clean up.
  • Aevry Greene for helping Anna with crutches
  • Everyone in Ms. McLeod's 7th Period is lively and it is a good end to my day.
  • I had lost my homework and headphones and was sad the entire day until I got to ELA. Ember the Bearded Dragon in Mrs. Mcleod's Classroom was being cute as always, and he cheered me up.
  • Ms.Agard is all of the HEART categories but she shows a lot of teamwork. For example at the beginning of the year we were having some problems so she helped us make our classroom norms
  • I nominate Montana Joy because she is always really nice and helpful.
  • As students were making a density column, Joslyn Gernat made sure all teammates were included. She made sure the people that didn't get a turn the first time, got a turn the next time. Great teamwork!
  • Sophie Wong is always kind and respectful, and she helps to hold the door out to the temps almost everyday. She is never worried about being late, she just makes sure everyone gets to where they need to be. I think this qualifies for teamwork, because she works as a valuable student within the school to help out everybody on our behalf.
  • Ms. Whitacre has all made me feel so at home at Manning. Even though I only have one class with her, she's always so supportive and amazing. She's always there and sweet. She's one of the kindest people in the staff here at Manning.
  • Mr. Molinare did a great job coordinating International Towne! Thanks for making it such an awesome experience.
  • Sydney Briggs for participating in the group presentation in 21st Century Skills. The group created a robot who handed out positive comments.

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.