Suicide Due To Bullying

Do you want this to happen to your kids at CHS?

"My Bullied Son's Last Day on Earth," an article by Mallory Simon

In an article posted on CNN, the suicide of an eleven-year-old is discussed. The young boy mentioned was a victim of excessive verbal bullying at his school and saw no way out from this hellish torture other than death. This article perfectly outlines the harsh implications of bullying and taunting at school and provides solid evidence as to why bullying is atrocious.

What if this happened at our school?

At some point in our lives, we (including your children) have all said something to someone else that we later regretted saying. What if what you said caused them to go through depression, or worse, commit suicide? No one wants that kind of guilt on their hands. Not only will it cause severe emotional pain to many, it will also lead to criminal charges against the bullies.

How do you evade this?

The answer is simple- encourage your children to be considerate and sympathetic and refrain from bullying others. If you see bullying occur, immediately get a teacher/administrator or stop it yourself if there are no adults around.

Something for your kids to think about...

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