Ms. Stilwell's Weekly Update

The Scoop From the Keller EI Program


Late Starts - 2/10, 2/24

Count Day - 2/10

Valentine's Day Celebration - 2/12

Mid-Winter Break - 2/15, 2/16

ROMS 5th grade Visit - 2/12 (AM Only)

365 Days of Wonder

"Everything you can REAL" - Pablo Picasso

This month I am going to start sharing some of our beautiful quotes from the book "365 Days of Wonder" by R.J. Palacio. Each day we read a quote from this book to the students and ask them to give us their opinions on what the quote means to them.

Things to Look For....

Report Cards

On Monday 2/8, Report Cards will be sent home with your child, along with their Progress Updates from their IEP's. Please note that if your child has had an IEP held within the last month, you have already received your update with your copy of the IEP. Feel free to request another at any time and I will be happy to provide that to you.

Valentines Day Celebration

We hold a small Valentine's Day Celebration in the classroom in which we allow the students to bring in Valentines for their classmates and enjoy a small treat or two. Our celebration will be held on Friday 2/12 in the afternoon. For your own convenience, we have 6 students in the classroom. If you would like to bring in treats please let me know ahead of time. We have no food allergies in the classroom, but again please let me know ahead of time if you plan on sending something in with your child.

Black History Month Unit

February is Black History Month, and as such we are beginning our unit in which we learn about and celebrate the lives of some of the most famous and influential African Americans in history. We began our unit by reading about George Washington Carver. The students were fascinated with just how much could be done with a peanut!! Some other notable names we will be researching are: Jesse Owens, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, Jackie Robinson, and Ruby Bridges just to name a few. Just as we did with our Holidays Around the World unit, our work will be displayed both in our hallway as well as in the main hallway in our display case.

Ms. Papa is Taking Over!!

As of Wednesday 2/17, Ms. Papa will be taking over as classroom teacher within our classroom. Most of you remember in my last newsletter that Ms. Laura Papa will be student teaching with us through the end of April. We are loving her fresh approach to the curriculum, and now she has come to the point in which she will be taking over as classroom teacher. Please note that I will be overseeing all of our daily activities, and parent contacts will be made by me (and Ms. Papa depending on the situation), however the planning and delivery of curriculum, as well as the filling out of daily behavior sheet will be handled by her from this point on. If you have any questions feel free to forward them to her through me at any time.