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On Tuesdays and on Saturdays we meet up and we take an hour or so to plan out what we all would like to create, and if we'd like to do a group chalk art. We may run late into the night, but don't worry we provide lamps and head lights! Once were done with our art piece we spray it with a environment safe set spray and wait for everyone to admire it! We try to do big group pieces often, just to challenge our artsy side, but we also love our silly little ones. You may have seen some of our pieces already! Come join if you would like to be apart of this great club, we could always use more members to do bigger art pieces.

Chalkers Meetings

Tuesday, April 19th, 5-8pm

1612 South University Parks Drive

Waco, TX

Come and draw some chalk art with us! We always love the extra hands.

Why should you become a chalker?

Come and express yourself through art that the whole campus gets to enjoy with you! The piece you create could even turn someone entire day around. Think of all the smiles you will create or all of the love your piece will get. We do not encourage or allow bullying, harassing, hate, or criticizing of any kind. This is a place you can be yourself and send the campus a message! We also love doing holiday or seasonal pieces! If you have an idea that you would like to do as a group, don't be shy! WE LOVE ALL ART!
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Want to see more pictures?

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