The Third Wish

This explains the conflict, theme, mood, and tone!


I think the conflict of "The Third Wish' is internal, and external. it explains in the story, that Mr. Peters wished for a beautiful wife, and he got a wife, BUT, after a while, Leita missed visiting her sister in the forest. So, Mr. peters asked if she wanted to be turned back into a swan. So I think that the conflict is internal, and external.


I think the theme is that, You always don't get what you wish for. Even though Mr. Peters wished for Leita, but wanted to go back to the forest, where she first came from. Plus, he had two wishes left to use on anything. At the end, he passed away. So, the theme is, you always don't get what you wish for.



I think the tone of the story is even. In the story, they don't really talk mad, or sad. They really just talk evenly.