Belize, Mexico

My dream vacation!

10 Interesting facts!

1. I went there last Summer and it was very fun and I would like to visit it again.

2. I want to go there again because it has very good snorkeling/scuba diving.

3. Belize, Mexico is famous for a certain scuba diving place called the blue hole which is about 300-400 feet deep and it has beautiful coral on the outside of it.

4. Belize has beautiful beaches and perfect swimming.

5.The main language is English which is odd because it is in Mexico.

6. The country changes it's name from British Honduras to Belize in 1973.

7. The entire country only has 4 highways.

8. Lobster is a popular food there.

9. You can swim and touch sting rays and nurse sharks at shark ray alley. (I did that)

10. The most diverse language is Kriol.


I will get there by plane. The plane ticket is-$460.00 per person. I will take my family, so it will be a total of $1804 for the plane tickets. It is 984 miles away, and I will stay there for a week.

Place I stay

The Villas at Banyan Bay is the hotel I am staying at. The cost is $255.00 a day and is very big and located right on the beach. So I will need to pack a swimsuit, 7 tee-shirts or tang-tops, and 7 pairs of shorts.

All the costs

Costs of the whole trip, plane tickets for family-$1804. Hotel for a week-$1785. Spending money about $300 each person so $1200. Money for food-$500. Total amount of

money for the trip-$5289


I would like to Scuba dive at the Blue Hole or snorkel around the corral. Swim at the beach around my hotel. Snorkel around the corral. Go to shark ray valley (swim with sharks and sting rays) Unique things are, swim with sharks, go to a very pretty and fun place, and scuba-dive.

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