Skyanne (:


I'll start off with my family. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My brother Jayde is a senior at this school. The rest of my siblings are in their 30's. I love love LOVE Burger King's Warm Brownie Sundae. It's sooo delicious! My favorite real food is probably hot dogs or pizza. Or even chicken. I'm good at archery and i'm not terrible and volleyball. I just do not play them in school. Just in my own time. (:

#warm brownie sundae.

#hotdogs and pizza.


what not to do when you're keyboarding.

1. When you're keyboarding, you should not slouch. 2. You should have a straight back. 3. Have your feet flat on the ground. 4. You shouldn't have them crossed or anything else. 5. Have your body straight towards the computer. 6. Do not have your body slanted or a different direction.

7. Have your fingers on the home row. 8. Don't have them anywhere else. 9. Don't have your arms off the edge of the table/counter. 10. They should be propped up so it is easier to for you to type without soreness in your arms.

sit straight up.

fingers on the home row.

elbows on the counter/desk.