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Come to the Texas rodeos. They are a thrilling sight to see. In Texas, watch as the birds migrate to a warmer climate. Zoos, museums, and amusement parks are popular places to go. An even more popular place to go is the state fair located in Dallas. In the hot summer water sports might be for you. Dancing to country music is something Texans love to do. Visitors love to spot bighorned do sheep, wild deer, and antelope in the Rocky Hills. If you really want to see all of Texas, then you should ride the Texas party bike, that moves like a normal bike when you peddal. The only difference is it holds 15 people. The Football team that Texas loves to watch are the Cowboys. Maybe you should try doing some of these things when you visit the great state of Texas.
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Texas has a big history. In 10,000 B.C., the first people in Texas were the Native Americans. They were called Caddo and Jumano. Next,the second people arrived. They were called the Europeans. Then Sieur de La salle arrived and explored part of the area. He attempted to build a settlement. In a place called Tornado Alley, almost 100 tornados strike this area every year! In 1718 a mission known as the Alamo was founded. In Dec. 29, 1845 Texas became the twenty eighth state. In 1863 Sam Houston was the republic's first president. In 1929 through 1939, the great depression had had started. It caused hard times. People lost their jobs. In 1990, the population in Texas was 16,986,510!

Land Forms/Geography

Texas has many land forms. They have land forms like mountains, forests, and deserts.Texas is very hot and dry. Barely any rain falls in the high plains, deserts, and mountains. Texas has more ranches than other states. there are roads. Steep Rocky Guadalupe Mountains are in West Texas. 8,751 ft. is the highest point there. Piney Woods cover the North Eastern part of Texas. The largest lake on the Texas Louisiana border is Lake Caddo. Any state smaller than Ohio will fit inside of Texas.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Texas has twenty million people living there? In Texas, the mocking bird is the state bird. The bluebonnet is the state flower. The state tree is the peacon tree. The state food is chili. The state grass that Texas has is the sideoats grama. In Texas, if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a Guadalupe bass, Texas' state fish. This might catch your attention, the state gem is a Texas blue topaz. The state stone in Texas is called the petrified palm wood. The state shell is the Lightning whelk. Here is some of the wildlife that is in Texas: deer, pronghorn, alligators, armadillos, bobcats, mountain lions, and coyotes. Texas produces the most oil, cotton, and cattle of any state.
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Houston in Texas - a Texas City like no other!