Media Minute August 2023

News from your Centennial Academy Media Center

Welcome to a New Year!

We will be using Accelerated Reader this year to support our scholars’ reading progress. Nearly every children's book (and many adult books) in the world is available for practice quizzes! We will help scholars choose “good fit” books when they visit the media center. Please keep in mind that the way to build lifelong readers is to encourage children to choose books that they like, even if they’re a little challenging at first. Telling students to get a book on their level can discourage them from trying new things. As soon as Chromebooks roll out to classes, we can get started!

Schedule Your Media Center Visit

Centennial teachers are invited to schedule their classes for regular and occasional visits to the media center. Kindergarten-1st grade classes usually visit every week, and some 2nd and 3rd grade classes also choose this schedule. Occasionally the schedule gets scrambled by other activities, but we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone. After their initial orientation visit, older students are welcome to visit the media center any time during the day as long as they have a pass from their classroom teacher.
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About Us

MISSION: The mission of Centennial Academy is to provide educational equity through a rigorous STEAM curriculum to all of its scholars. We envision Centennial Academy scholars and educators as high achievers, critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and ethical leaders in a global society.To support this vision, our media center is open to families as well as scholars and staff to encourage lifelong reading for enjoyment. Our library is staffed by one certified library media specialist, Jennifer Burke. Mrs. Joni Chandler, Media Assistant, helps with circulation and all other activities. The media center is open 7:30am-4:00pm every school day.