Genius Project Proposal

Shoal Creek SOUP-ER Stars

My Project

Hunger is a Huge Problem in Kansas City and I'm trying to stop it. Hunger is one of the top reasoning's of starvation leading to death. It is so serious, but we don't think about it. One of the main needs is soup. Last year my class did a food drive, but that is old news i'm going to take it up a notch and turn it into a competition. We are going to compete with another school across the country to see who can raise the most canned soup. It will be EPIC!!!!!!!

How to Help?

It may seem hard, but it's really quite easy to help! You can start by donating cans at a local drop off bin, or even volunteering at a hunger outreach center near you. It is so easy and so quick, now Harvesters even has a on-line shopping cart where you can go through, choose items, and pay on-line, simple as that, you don't even have to leave you house!!!!!!!!

What Will I Do To Help????

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Soup is a main need according to Harvesters . They say that because of shortage they have actually had to go out and buy more during the winter. They also use soup in back-snacks during the year to supply their family and the student with more soup, peanut butter and nutritious snack. Since Soup is a main need i decided to do a soup only food drive, so it wont go out of stock.

The Drive

The food drive will take place the 2nd week of May Monday-Thursday. We will be competing against a school across America. There will be a prize given to the top class in each grade. Our goal is to raise 4,000 cans of soup... OR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

MY PLAN ^^^^^^^^^^


I'm against hunger!!!!!!!!!!

hUnGeR HaPpEnS : We're putting a STOP to it!!!!1