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A unique theatrical and educational experience for children

Theatre Production Offerings for Your Campus

Are you looking for an incredible theatrical experience for the students in your school? Do you want to teach your students proper audience etiquette, social behaviors and provide a message of tolerance while meeting the elementary Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements for the art of Theatre? Theatre Britain of Plano, Texas would like the opportunity to perform for your school. The company would like to offer your campus an experience that will not only teach students about the art of theatre but, to also teach a message of tolerance. Please contact Theatre Britain, if you are interested in scheduling a production for your campus. Educational grants are available upon request and qualification.

Production Offerings for Plano ISD Elementary Schools

Peacemaker is a unique theatrical and educational experience for children. Aimed at Pre-K through Fifth Grade, the show tackles themes of tolerance and friendship in a light-hearted way, using storytelling, music, puppetry, dancing, juggling and audience participation.

Peacemaker is an on-campus program which lasts approximately 30 minutes. There is no intermission.

The cost is $600. If you should need more than one performance at your location, we will be happy to give you a quote.

If you have questions or need more information about our Peacemaker tour, please email us or call 972.490.4202.

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Simp and her friend, Franny, live in the Land Of Red. They are very glad that they have never seen anyone from the Land Of Blue, for Blues are monsters with huge claws and eyes like burning coals. And Blues eat Reds if they catch them. Everyone says so. But today is a day like no other. Today is the day Simp and Franny will remember for the rest of their lives. Today is the day they will meet a Blue!


  • See a professional play.
  • Identify with and interact with the characters on stage.
  • Observe how co-operation brings tangible and intangible rewards.
  • Observe the characters use their own judgement instead of relying upon the opinions of others.
  • Be challenged to make predictions about what will happen to the characters after the play is over.
  • Explore the concepts in the play back in the classroom using the activities in the Study Guide.

  • At the end of Peacemaker, the central conflict between the Blues and Reds has not been resolved. One small step towards peace has been made, but there is still much to do. Students are challenged as follows:

    “And that is the end of our story. For the first time since that fight at the narrow bridge so many years ago, a Blue met with a Red and made friends. What happens now, we don’t know. Because this just happened today. Maybe you can tell how the story will go on?”

    What predictions will your students make?

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    Build on what the students have observed with the help of the comprehensive Study Guide which accompanies the program. Suggested activities encourage students to relate the characters' experiences and desires to their own environment and relationships and to design and create materials reflecting the learning points.

    Click here to download the Study Guide. Please note this is the Study Guide from 2009. A revised and updated Study Guide will be available for the 2016 tour.


    Curriculum connections are specified according to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) criteria. They have been prepared by Theatre Britain and are not certified.

    Click here for Curriculum Connections.


    The show normally requires a performance space (excluding audience seating) of 30ft wide by 17ft deep. If your venue is smaller, don’t despair! Call us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

    The format of Peacemaker means that we prefer to work in the cafetorium or gym where the set can be on the floor, not on a stage. Please call us at 972.490.4202 if this will cause difficulty and we will arrange a site visit to discuss the location with you.

    Power outlets will be required for sound equipment. We will need access to the space at least one hour before the show is due to start in order to set up.

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    Theatre Britain performances begin...

    Monday, Feb. 1st 2016 at 8am to Friday, June 3rd 2016 at 3pm

    Plano, TX, United States

    Plano, TX

    If you have questions or need more information about our Peacemaker tour, please email us or call 972.490.4202.

    Click here to download a booking form.


    2003 Leon Rabin Awards: Best Play, Best Direction, Best Sound Design, Best Costume Design

    Theatre Britain

    A local theatre company, Theatre Britain serves the city of Plano as one of the resident companies that occupies the Cox Building Theatre in the Plano Arts District.

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    David Holman has written more than 70 works for stage, radio, film and opera which have been performed for or by children. His work has been translated into many languages and has been produced on every continent.

    Many of these works have explored environmental questions, including: Drink the Mercury about the effects of heavy metal pollution on the fishermen of Minamata in Japan; Adventure in the Deep about the despoliation of the oceans; Big Cat, Bad Coat andSolomon and the Big Cat both concerned with endangered species in Africa; Operation Holy Mountain on the second coming of the patron saint of animals, Francis of Assisi; and Whale, about three whales trapped in the ice off the shore of Alaska.

    Holman lived for many years in Australia, where he made a huge contribution to the Theatre in Education repertoire with such plays as Peacemaker, No Worries and The Small Poppies. He also spent a year as Artist in Residence with Green Thumb Theatre for Young People in Vancouver, BC, where he created One in a Million, following the story of a boy living below the poverty line.

    More recently Holman has produced a stage adaptation of a story by Nikolai Gogol called Diary of a Madman which toured the Soviet Union in 1991 after winning the Sydney Critics Prize. Further stage adaptations include Billy Budd and Beauty and the Beast.

    Currently, Mr Holman lives in London, England.


    Dreams Of Harmony by Joanne Hammil
    And instrumental versions of:
    Dancin’ To The Beat by Joanne Hammil
    Rules by Joanne Hammil
    © 1987, 1988 JHO Music (BMI)
    Used with permission
    Available on Pizza Boogie

    Joanne Hammil, a nationally known singer-songwriter-educator from Boston, is a major figure in community and children’s music. She directs six intergenerational and children’s choirs in the greater Boston area and presents dynamic concerts and workshops for children, adults, families and teachers across the country. Her songs have been performed and recorded by many artists, have been widely published, and her rounds have become exciting standards in books and harmony circles. Joanne served as President of The Children’s Music Network for many years and continues to be an active Board Member. Her two award-winning recordings of original children’s music, Pizza Boogie and The World’s Gonna Listen, and her adult songs continue to receive the highest acclaim.

    Selections from I Will Be Your Friend
    © 2003 Southern Poverty Law Center
    Used with permission
    I Will Be Your Friend
    Songs And Activities For Young Peacemakers
    An educational package from Teaching Tolerance
    A project of The Southern Poverty Law Center

    I Will Be Your Friend is an educational package produced by Teaching Tolerance, a project of The Southern Poverty Law Center. The package consists of a cd and an activity songbook. Although recommended for grades 2 through 5, many of the activities can be adapted to work with younger children.

    The cd includes rap, folk, jazz, gospel, show tunes, spoken word and traditional song. There are learnable, singable songs in languages from numerous immigrant communities, as well as several of the indigenous languages spoken in North America today. As Larry Long, the producer, explains “ Our goal was to honor the diversity we find here at home – not so much by including songsabout diversity, but by ranging as far and wide as possible in musical styles and sources.”

    Photography by Mark Trew, Steve Freedman.

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