Collins' Corner

November 16, 2015

Important Dates

  • November 16-18 - Book Fair
  • Book Fair Family Event - November 16 (4:00 - 6:15)
  • November 19 - Early Release Day
  • November 25-27 - Thanksgiving Holidays

Language Arts

The spelling lesson this week is adding the suffixes s and es. Toda we discussed that s is added to most words to make them plural, but when a word ends in s, x, ch and sh, an es is added. We practiced this today, and will continue to practice throughout the week.

This week we are continuing to read non-fiction, and will be discussing how to use text features.

We have completed our first Thanksgiving research and will be writing opinion pieces about whether or not we would like to have attended the first Thanksgiving.


We have completed Chapter 3 in My Math and will review tomorrow. A review sheet will come home with your child Tuesday night, and the math test will be on Wednesday. There will also be an addition fact test on Thursday. We will review pictographs this week and will begin discussing how to read line graphs up until Thanksgiving.

Social Studies/Science

Click here to see how well our postcard geography project is going!

We are continuing to discuss government . This week we will discuss what a good citizen is, and discuss the differences in local, state and federal governments.