That's Mr.Incredible to you!


I HATE SITTING HERE AND MY FRIENDS GET TAKEN. The only thing that's fun about being here is watching a big version of me skate on ice( at Disney on ice). Ooh how's that handsome kid over there. He's asking his parents for something and pointing at me. Could it be is he coming to get me!! Hes getting moneys the cashier is picking me up .SCORE!!!

Its Fun!

That handsome kid was named Caden, I love living with him he plays with me every second of the day. My favorite things to do is watch scary movies with him, or watch him play video game, or even sky dive off the top bunk. But my absolute favorite thing to do is Caden pretends that I'm a really strong super hero and when he does that, I'm His Hero!

There Caden Goes

Well Caden's growing up, and it but it had to happen soon,he never plays with me any more. I have to figure out stuff to do when hes gone and playing guess whats under his bed gets boring. We've tried to trick him into playing with us. But now all he ever does is study, eat , sports and sleep. After all this time he finally tucked us away and i feel rejected but what REALLY stinks is I'm CLAUSTROPHOBIC!!

Some of my best friends: