A New School Year

For Families, September 2020

Hi Everyone.

We are just days away from our kids returning to school, one that will look and feel differently than before. Here are a few tips for you to help them be resilient as your family deals with the September startup. Please download the Care Package of Big Life Journal below - it is full of great ideas! Then perhaps take a look at past newsletters to see what ideas they offer.


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How can you help your children keep a positive and resilient mindset as they're entering this school year?


"Since we're talking about entering the new school year, I want to offer my related parenting tip (which might sound more like a mindset shift...) Many of us are concerned whether or not our children are being traumatized by the current experience they're going through.

Not being able to see friends, feeling lonely and isolated—what does this do to our kids?

I suggest we (adults) shift our perspective from "This is traumatizing my child" to "This is helping my child build resilience for the lifetime.”

So we're coaching our child about how to deal with situations they cannot control and what things they can do to find ways to feel better." Alexandra Eidens, Big Life Journal

2020 Pep Talk by Children (Big Life Journal) #2020PepTalk
Growth Mindset Parenting Tip: Does your child feel lonely and isolated?
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Linda Campbell

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We're in this together - be calm, be safe, be kind.