Time to FOLLOW UP!

One Day Left in our 15 Days of Fall Frenzy Contest--join us!

Welcome to Day 14 of our 15 Days of Fall Frenzy!

We have THREE, yes 3!, shopping sprees to give away and you could be one of the winners!




Book your shows for Oct. 1 - Dec. 15th, fill out the Survey Monkey we send you tomorrow with your list of shows, hostesses & dates and you could win!

It's time to FOLLOW UP with all those you planted the seeds with.

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The importance of follow up:

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When was the last time you told a prospective hostess or stylist that you would call them later to follow-up ... and then never did?

It happens to the best of us.

We have the best intentions, and we end our conversations with, "I'll call you later to firm a date/follow-up." AND THEN WE NEVER DO.

We get busy. We feel bad. We make excuses.

We are here to tell you to nix those Saboteurs -- and FOLLOW-UP!

You have spent the last ten days setting yourself up for an amazing fall, Today, we hope to give you the EXTRA BOOST to close those loops and finish those bookings!


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11. 55-60% of leads, that is people who've inquired about a product or service, will end up buying. (Yes. That means 3/5 people you've warmed-up in the last 12 days are statistically likely to purchase.)

You just need to follow-up.

. Remember our DAY 10 tip?

When you receive 10 NO'S, it's time to TREAT YOURSELF!

9. Now MIGHT be the right time.

One of the most common excuses NOT to make a purchasing decision is "not the right time." So, follow-up. You never know.

If you follow-up with a web lead (someone who has messaged you on

Facebook or liked your picture on Instagram) within FIVE minutes,

they are NINE times more likely to purchase from you.

In 2007, the average buyer/purchaser was 'converted'
(meaning made a purchase) after 3.68 atttempts.

Today, the same 'conversion' behavior needs more than EIGHT.

6. The average salesperson gives up after TWO attempts.

YOU, my dear Gemstones, are not average. :)

5. Nurtured leads (meaning those people whom you have gotten to know and form meaningful relationships with) make 47% larger purchases
than non-nurtured leads. Get to know your hostesses and your customers! Send the thank-you notes! It matters!

4. 91% of customers say they would provide referrals.

Only 11% of sales people ASK for referrals.

Maybe in your follow-up, you realize it is still not the right time to
host a show-- ask if they know anyone else who might be a better fit!
After all, you want to give someone FREE jewelry!

3. It shows you care by having you actually care.

The most loyal customers are those that actually realize that you
care both about the sale and the customer.

When you follow-up, you demonstrate you actually care.

2. You refresh and remind your customers about your business
and the amazing potential you have to offer them.

People are inundated daily with products, services, and opportunities, and often forget about the things they said they would do. Call and follow-up; remind them about their amazing opportunity as a hostess!

1. And the number ONE reason to follow-up?


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  • The incentive runs from September 15 - September 30, 2015
  • During these "15 days", you'll want to BOOK as many Fall/4th Quarter Trunk Shows as possible - only (2) of these shows can be "online" shows. The more shows qualified shows, you have the better :)
  • All trunk shows must be entered in Stylist Lounge by 11:00 pm CST on September 30th.
  • Trunk Shows must be held between September 15 - December 15, 2015.
    Remember - In-Home shows are always the most successful!
  • YOU MUST FILL OUT THE SURVEY MONKEY TO BE INCLUDED IN THE CONTEST. Survey will come on 9/30 to be turned in on 10/1.
  • The (3) winners will be drawn & announced on October 5th at our local Boston-area meeting.
  • Winners do not need to be in attendance to win.
  • Cash prizes for shopping sprees will be awarded after December 15th as soon as you have completed your qualified Trunk Shows booked b/n 9/15-30 (Qualified = 4 orders and 500 PQV).
  • Only 2 shows can be online shows.

You're in the final stretch! Don't give up now ~ think about your goals then act to make them happen :)

Carrie McGraw and your 1st Impressions Leaders