My Hero

Steve Ely " Dad "

Hero Interview

What is your goal in life?

“My goal in life, is to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

What have you done to reach this goal so far?

“I have a had a successful business career, and a wonderful family.”

What are some distractions from this goal?

“Working for a start-up company and earning no salary from it.”

What things are you most proud of in life?

“My two sons.”

What are some major obstacles you have had in life?

“Lack of advanced education, lack of money.”

What is a life decision you have been faced with?

“Either stay in San-Francisco or move to Atlanta. “ He moved to Atlanta.

How did you make this decision?

“Based upon quality of life.”

Do you regret this decision?

“No. "

How did this decision impact your life?

"I now have a family here in Atlanta.”

Have you had a successful life so far?