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About Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India stands on the banks of River Yamuna is the second most populous metropolis of country and is the eighth most populous city in the world. The city is a vibrant melting pot that encapsulates two very different worlds altogether which is old as well as new. The city is sprinkled with various glittering gems in the form of monuments that belonged to various dynasties that had ruled the city and enriched its cultural diversity, magnificent museums, art galleries along with some of the continents best institutions and yummiest places to eat. Delhi has so many flavors that will surely leave its visitors spellbound with its rich cultural diversity and represents a perfect amalgamation of old and new. The city is like a kaleidoscope that opens a window through which through which its visitors can get true knowledge of this vast nation, its people their beliefs and rich cultural heritage. So book flights to Delhi from London and experience the vividness of this magnificent city, the heart of India.

There are so many things to explore and enjoy while visiting this cultural hub of country. Red Fort, Old Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutab Minar, Jama Masjid are some of the spectacular treasures of Old Delhi that represents the architectural marvel of various dynasties that had ruled it. One of the best ways to explore various landmarks and historical spots of city is with HO Ho bus service that covers 19 destinations across the city. You can get off at any of the stops and just board the next bus to continue your journey. The city has numerous temple, mosques, churches and gurudrawas that reflect the secularism of country as they are not limited to any particular faith or religion. Among them gurudwara Bangla sahib, Chhatarpur Temple, Akshardham Temple, Birla Mandir are quite famous and are renowned for their architectural beauty. So visit them to have mystical powers and to attain great spiritual values. To get the glimpses of all these and much more, just fly to Delhi and enjoy some of the best moments of your life.

Weather in Delhi touch its extremes as the city has scorching summers from April to June. The atmosphere during this period is dry and is influenced by strong heat waves while the months from July to September are considered to be monsoon season which are very eagerly awaited. The months of October and November are quite pleasant and full of festivals when one can easily enjoy leisure trip. The winters during the months of December and January are quite chilly and one can experience heavy fog that engulf the whole city but still it is considered to be the best time in Delhi. One can see beautiful trees and flowers blossoming across the road sides giving the entire city a joyous and festive look.


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