Mrs. Pittman's 5th Grade News

5th Grade ROCKS!!

First Quarter has come and gone!

It is hard to believe that our first Qtr. is already in the books!! It has happened so quickly. Your students have learned so much, and this is just the beginning. Please remind your children that working hard each and every day at school is very important! Everything we do is a stepping stone to the next step and they need to be ready as we push ahead! We have many fun, educational activities planned as we move through 2nd Qtr. We will have IOWA testing coming up next week, we have Immigration Day coming up on November 18th and we will have Thanksgiving Lunch coming up in mid-November. Stay on the look out for more information regarding these events. As always, thank you for being so incredibly supportive!

Thanks to all who made incredible edible cells!! Everyone LOVED them and I can tell students learned alot!

IOWA Testing begins next Monday

We will begin IOWA Test of Basic Skills bright and Early Monday Morning. Testing will run from Monday, October 19th- Friday, October 23rd. Please make every effort to have your child at school on time and ready to do well. The best help you can give them is by helping them get a good night's sleep and starting them off with a great breakfast!! We will begin testing each day at 9am. Our schedule will be a little different next week and our Lunch schedule has changed for the week. We ask that you not try to come to lunch with your child next week due to testing and our schedule changes. Thanks so much!

What we are Learning This Week:

Math All about Division/ Review and some new Skills

Reading Caddie Woodlawn/ Cause and Effect and Main Idea Skills

Social Studies Bill of Rights /What are the Bill of Rights and why are they important

Science Genetics/ Learned and Inherited Traits

Grammar Verbs/ Verb Tenses

Word Study (dict-)

UpComing Tests/Events:

Tuesday, 10/13- Math DDA

Wednesday, 10/14- Science DDA

Thursday 10/15- Reading DDA

Friday 10/16- Social Studies DDA

Word Study Test

Science Vocabulary Quiz

Cold Reading Test #1

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