Ancient Egypt Civilizations


Physical Geography

The Nile river is 4000 miles long which most people know as the longest river in the world , do people really know the history of river? So, the Nile river was a big help to the Egyptians because the Nile helped with growing food because it would flood then it would leave very rich silt so it would really assist farmers . Another way it helped was the Nile river current was so strong, because the water had cataracts which are basic water falls, people could not walk or swim across or get a cross on a boat or away e mimes. The last thing i have to saw is i see why people worship the Nile as a gift and tool advanced their society .

Social Hierarchy

The Social hierarchy is a pyramid basic that rank Egyptians by class so the top of the pyramid starts with the pharaohs the pharaohs are the kings or queens they rule the Egyptians like they were god . Next on the pyramid was the nobles , the nobles are officials priest who helped run the government and temple for the pharaohs . Then were the scribes, craft people , the scribes and craft people wrote, produced goods . The last on the pyramid were the Farmers,servants and slaves which was most Egyptians were farmers servants , and slaves which took care of the pharaohs or family.
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Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone was craved in 196 B.C l. , the Rosetta stone was found by French soldiers in 1799 when they were rebuilding a fort in Egypt. They Rosetta stone was found in a small village in delta called Rosetta (Rashid). The Rosetta stone was written by priest in Egypt who honor the Egyptians pharaohs and all the great things that the pharaohs had done for the people of Egyptians. In a book i was reading about the Rosetta stone only talks about the how the stone only talks about Ptolemy and Cleopatra-being a pharaoh .


Over the years there has been many pharaohs .but i think the most important pharaoh was memes because he was the first pharaoh many people thought he got his ideas from kings and higher people. So why I think pharaoh Menes Is the most important because he ruled upper Egypt and wanted to ruled lower Egypt ,so he sent his army down there till they surrender lower Egypt to him . After he took over the two upper and lower Egypt he married a lower Egyptian women, so too show his honor for both upper and lower Egypt he made from his red and white crowns as one . So this is why I think Menes is the best pharaoh.


So i n egypt they worship many gods as a daily thing , each village had a special god org oddest who look after the village and people