Help me find my voice!

an iPad for Zoe

Why Zoe needs an iPad

Zoe has multiple neurological disabilities and as a result is non verbal, cannot follow simple instructions and has fine and gross motor delay resulting in an inability to learn or practice ASL. An iPad would give Zoe the opportunity to communicate and learn how to follow simple instruction as well as helping her during uncomfortable social settings.

jewelry to an iPad

Thursday, April 11th, 5pm

This is an online event.

You can help Zoe find her voice by purchasing a piece of autism awareness related jewelry from The Puzzling Piece. Make sure you get one that says challenge approved item! At check-out you will see a place to put challengers name. In this box please put Zoe Bennett. Once 60 items have been sold they will mail Zoe an iPad that comes equipped with apps to help her communicate, follow 1-step directions and teach her that its okay to make eye contact! Please join with me in helping Zoe find her voice!

The Puzzling Piece

The Puzzling Piece will provide an iPad to each family who sells 60 items. Please visit the website that I have provided to find jewelry that is approved for the challenge If you have any questions please contact me at or (678)523-5619.