Miss Ging's Trip to Six Flags

Ariel Ging

What will we be doing?

  • Riding all sorts of rides
  • Calculating the distance with linear equations
  • Creating linear equations
  • Determine max and mins on the rides


  • Tickets are $28.61 tax included
  • $10 for lunch outside of park
  • $20 for dinner outside of park
  • Extra money needed if souvenir is wanted.


  • Depart for Six Flags: 6:30AM
  • Arrive for Six Flags: 9:30AM
  • Departure for School: 4:30PM
  • Arrive back at School: 9:00 PM

Six Flags is open from 10AM-5PM


  • Permission forms and money due: March 21, 2016
  • Date of the trip: April 29, 2016

Extra Information

SC Standards

  • FA.ACE.1* Create and solve equations and inequalities in one variable that model real-world problems involving linear, quadratic, simple rational, and exponential relationships. Interpret the solutions and determine whether they are reasonable. (Limit to linear; quadratic; exponential with integer exponents.)
  • FA.ACE.4* Solve literal equations and formulas for a specified variable including equations and formulas that arise in a variety of disciplines.
  • FA.AREI.1* Understand and justify that the steps taken when solving simple equations in one variable create new equations that have the same solution as the original.