Discovering Design in CHS

by Madison Perry and Kate Martinez


Benches used throughout the school, fill the empty spaces in the halls. They give a very basic and functional purpose while adding to the great emptiness of the space. The shape is a rectangular prism, which is easily used for seating people comfortably.


The cafeteria is a good use of space as it brings functionality and usefulness to an area where the capacity is large. The openness allows the inhibitors of the room to feel a sense of freedom. It is divided into smaller groupings through the clustering of tables and the school store to break the purpose of both spaces.


The vending machines use color well by drawing they eyes of a potential buyer to it. This allows for the Coke company to attract customers to their product by using color. A person will see the machine, and will feel a pull toward it.

Line - Vertical

The vertical lines used on the Horseshoe Desk give the large common space a sense of height and support. They are subtle, but add to the overall strength and stability of the school building itself, applying the lines to an affect greater than the desk alone.

Line - horizontal

These thick horizontal lines on the wall give the building a sense of serenity. With the tall vertical columns surrounding them, the lines give a break as well as relieve the intensity of the verticals.

Line - diagonal

The stare rails allow for a hypothetical pull up or down the stairs for the user. They give a sense of movement toward a destination, and seem to show a person where to go. They also give a break in the hard vertical and horizontal lines surrounding them.

Line - curved

The archways found in the hall suggest a small sense of motion as people move along the hallway. They also provide a large change and end to the vertical lines that make up the support on either side of the arches.