You all broke records in March!

....I can't wait to see what April holds!

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

We have been saying it all our lives...April showers bring May flowers. So let's get to planting here in April and make it rain this month!!! I am absolutely in awe of the record-breaking month of March. You all reached goals and got so far out of your comfort zone - and I know it felt good to go further than you ever imagined. The best is yet to come and I'm honored to be on this journey with you... xo, Louise
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Top 10 in Team PV

Wow! Some incredible Sales Leaders in March

1. Ashley McFarland - 10,102

2. Ashley Monk - 9,836

3. Kristy Peterka - 8,496

4. Reagen Lozar - 6,122

5. Brianne Barnes - 4,884

6. Louise McCown - 4,790

7. Teresa Taylor - 4,456

8. Heather Lowry - 4,220

9. June Stansell - 3,853

10. Carley Thigpen - 3,814

March Promotions

Congratulations to the following Consultants who Promoted in March. So proud of you!!!

Executive Director:

Reagen Lozar

Senior Director:

Frances Raybon


Sarah Beth Holland

June Stansell

Anne Smith

Ashley Monk

Ashley McFarland

Carley Thigpen

Senior Manager:

Randi Jacobsen

Teresa Taylor

Heather Lowry

Brianne Barnes


Lauren Rachel

Shannon Blankenship

Ashley Rice

Phyllis Hurley

Lauren Bonner

Kori Williamon

Nicole Dennis

Senior Consultant:

Lori Baker

Whitney Barnett

Eugenia Smith

Tiffany Clark

Jessie Hornback

Morgan Zawada

Nicole Richards

Sonya Crain

Lauren Brown

Kristin Son

Dana Peterson

Cara Kankoski

Siovahn Polson

Ashley Mott llharramendy

Louise McCown, Managing Director

Cheers to a New Month and New Possibilities! I'm always here to help you reach your goals, cheer your wins and help pick you up when you're down - reach out anytime!

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